Healthy Eating – Four Red Meat Sources To Include In Your Healthy Eating Plan


If you fear eating red meat due to concerns with its cholesterol content, it might be time for you to reconsider this thought. At least it is not a good idea you shun red meat entirely. The fact is, red meat contains many essential nutrients necessary for you to include in your diet – nutrients too many people otherwise go without. These nutrients include iron, zinc, as well as vitamin B12. If you are not taking in these nutrients, you may notice you become more fatigued than normal and especially have low endurance levels during your exercise program.

The good news is there are some great options to help you take in these nutrients. Here are four terrific red meat sources you should start including in your eating plan…

1. Grass-Fed Steak. When selecting your steak, you want to choose grass-fed steak. Realize there is a significant difference between the fat profile of grass-fed steak and grain fed steak. Grain fed has a higher level of saturated fat and fewer omega-3 fatty acids, while the grass-fed steak is the opposite.

While you will pay a premium for grass-fed steak, it is worth the extra money.

2. Bison. Bison is another excellent source of protein and a lean type of red meat. Bison is naturally grass-fed because it comes from the wild, so you can feel good eating whatever variety you want.

You can even find ground bison to make yourself bison burgers, which is perfect for satisfying your cravings.

3. Pork Tenderloin. Pork tenderloin is another good option to turn to if you are tired of eating grass-fed steak and can’t find bison in your area. Pork tenderloin is a lot lower in fat than pork chops and is still an excellent source of protein.

Fire these up on your grill, and you will have a delicious source of protein you will look forward to eating.

4. Venison. Last but not least, consider venison. Venison is another wild game meat, so you will not have to worry about choosing grass-fed over grain fed. It is also very lean and can be slightly dry, so be sure you use a bit of heart-healthy olive oil while cooking it.

There you have four great sources of lean protein to be adding to your eating plan. Make sure you are not overlooking these as they will all help you move one step closer to improving your health, increasing your energy level, and feeling your very best.

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