Recent High School Graduate With No Job? Become a Personal Trainer

Recent High School Graduate With No Job? Become a Personal Trainer

One of the most rewarding careers out there is being a personal trainer. Why? Well not only do you make a nice salary but you literally get to change people’s lives! It’s amazing watching how people can transform their lives by starting to live healthy by exercising and eating properly. One way to start a very rewarding career straight out of high school is to become a certified trainer. Being a trainer can offer you a relatively laid-back way to begin a full-time career. Likewise, being a trainer straight out of high school can allow you to make a nice income on the side while you are in college as well!

After high school graduation (or with a GED), you now possess the majority of the pre-requisites required to enter a personal trainer certifying program (along with being 18 years of age). The last piece you need is to become CPR/AED certified but that will take no time at all. One other reason for becoming a trainer out of high school is that you can find employment really quickly!

Employment Opportunities:
With this economy, if you are an “unskilled” worker you may have trouble finding employment especially straight out of high school. There are ample employment opportunities no matter your experience level when it comes to being a personal trainer, as long as you are certified. As the growing obesity problem in the United States escalates, there will always be a need for fitness professionals. CNN actually estimated that the fitness industry will increase by 24% over the next ten years! Not only that but since 2005 the average salary for a trainer has increased by 19%. As the employment opportunities increase, so does the salaries! Here are some typical average salaries you will find for personal trainers across the country:

Trainer Salary in Texas: $33,000
Trainer Salary in New York: $41,000
Trainer Salary in California: $39,000
Trainer Salary in Florida: $33,000

Those are some really good salaries for coming out of high school with a personal trainer certification (although it will take time to build up to that).

Grow your career!
If you are going to college, being a certified trainer gives you the flexibility to work on the side in your spare time for extra income. In fact, it can lead to an amazing career! For example, Dustin Maher (Fit Moms For Life) started working at his campus gym. This developed into him becoming a published author, regular appearances on TV, and owning ten fitness centers! One question you may have coming out of high school and being short on money is the initial program costs. Training programs can cost $299 all the way to $699 (depending on organization and study materials purchased) with course duration ranging from 3-4 days (live courses) all the way to a year (self-study programs).

Becoming a personal trainer can be an amazing way to make some extra money or it could be your gateway to eventually owning your own gym. It’s up to you! This expanding industry offers a ton of opportunity for success and you can change people’s lives in the process, what more can you ask for coming right out of high school?

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