Top 3 Retainers You Should Consider After Teeth Straightening

Retainers: Types, Purpose, How They Work, Costs, Cleaning & Removal

You have gone and completed your teeth straightening appointment. What next? You cannot just relax and hope you will not need another straightening appointment again because your teeth will shift. Teeth shift when nothing keeps them in place while the bone continues to harden around their new position. You can prevent the shifting from happening when you use retainers Carmichael. Your doctor will recommend a retainer to help your teeth stay in their new position so they do not relapse and have you seeking other teeth straightening in the future. You can choose from different types of retainers, and here follows a discussion on how they work.

Clear Plastic Retainers

Also known as molded retainers, they are made to fit your teeth’ new position correctly. Your doctor will use a mold of your teeth to create this retainer, then heat a thin plastic and suck it down around the mold using a vacuum to create a tight fit for your teeth. As the name suggests, your retainer will be clear, so it will almost be impossible to notice you have them on. Therefore you can wear them around easily. You will be comfortable having them on because they are less bulky and cannot easily affect your speech. However, you cannot readjust it if you want to realign them. Instead, you will have to replace them. Additionally, once your clear retainer breaks, you cannot repair it. You will need new ones.

Hawley Retainers

They have thin wires and plastic that your doctor will shape so they can fit the roof of your mouth while the wire stays across your teeth on the outside to give them proper alignment. You can adjust your Hawley retainer if you want a firmer fit now and later. Hawley retainers also tend to be more durable than clear retainers because of the material, and if they break, you can repair them without having to replace them. You can have your retainers for several years if you practice proper care and maintenance. However, it will be easy to notice a Hawley retainer. Also, you may experience irritation on your lips and cheek the first few days you start wearing your retainers.

Permanent Retainers

You can get a retainer made of a solid wire that your doctor will curve to fit the shape of your new teeth alignment. Permanent retainers have a wire your doctor will bond inside your front teeth to prevent them from shifting and moving. You cannot take them out on your own. You will not need to worry about relapse because you forgot to wear your retainers. Additionally, it may not be easily visible to other people. Lastly, permanent retainers are not easily damageable. However, you may have difficulty practicing oral hygiene because you cannot take it out to clean in between your teeth. The wire may also irritate your tongue before you get used to wearing retainers.

You want your teeth straightening appointment to be worthwhile because you remember to have something to keep your teeth in place. Retainers can do that well because your doctor will make them give your teeth a firm and perfect fix. They come in different varieties, so you must pick one that feels comfortable and suits you. You can always consult if you are still deciding which one to pick.

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