Natural Health – Green Smoothies For Healing Stomach Problems

Millions of people have unresolved stomach problems. More and more people are looking for a more holistic and natural approach to chronic health issues. Here is a great way to stop popping pills and feel better.

Start drinking smoothies, green smoothies. It's simple. Here's a basic recipe and why the ingredients can help to heal your indigestion or stomach pain.

I call it the Green Tingler.

In a blender you can mix the following ingredients:

~~ A banana provides soothing moisture and makes you feel full. It provides complex carbohydrates and potassium to keep your energy level up

~~ A pear provides fiber, moisture, and helps to cleanse waste and toxins from the lining of your intestines.

~~ A few stalks of celery provides cooling moisture to your stomach and also flushes toxins from your system.

~~ A handful of spinach provides loads of micro nutrients, antioxidants, and chlorophyll which is good for cleansing and cooling your stomach and your blood.

~~ A teaspoon of fresh or ground ginger provides soothing relief and relieves gas and indigestion.

~~ Half an avocado provides "good" fats, the kind that are needed to reduce inflammation in your body. It also provides cooling moisture.

Blend all these ingredients together with fresh pure water and you've got a nutritious power packed meal. You will feel satisfied and find relief from your stomach pains. You can adjust the amounts and proportions of ingredients to suit your taste. If you like, add a few fresh dates or some maple syrup for a sweeter drink.

You'll save time and money with less medications, co-pays, and trips to the doctor or pharmacy. The best news is you'll feel better.