Igor Smirnov on Enhancing Healthcare Through Innovative Means

3 Ways to Make Healthcare More Innovative

The things that make up the core concepts of global advancements in healthcare include creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation. 

To improve healthcare, it is essential that creativity needs to be fostered and effectively utilized as the first step towards innovation. Plus, innovation is a necessity for healthcare in the future, especially when keeping in mind the growing demands on the healthcare system that are being driven by the changes in patients’ needs. 

There is a dire need for personalized patient care that must be pursued – hence why scientific aspects and technological advancements are becoming the core of healthcare innovation. Consequently, worldwide medical experts and leaders in the healthcare industry are constantly working towards creating an environment that can empower and support teams and individuals to become more productive. 

Being able to implement said environments, these individuals and teams can focus on their creativity, and by nurturing that mindset, you can enable innovation in their work – driving their entrepreneurial spirit to its full potential. This also helps them to apply the core business principles to their work, leading to the development of new inventions, products, or services into commercially viable medical innovations that can change the way of the healthcare industry forever. 

Fortunately, healthcare innovation has already started to become a widespread idea among people. Individuals like Igor Smirnov are some of the few leading professionals in the professional sector who have brought about much innovation to enhance the quality of life. 

Igor Smirnov is a leading Russian-American engineer, inventor, physicist, and scientist who many of you might know as the inventor and patent owner of MRET. 

Following a nuclear plant radiation leak catastrophe in Russia in 1986, Smirnov and his scientific team investigated the normalizing effect of a sure mountain spring water on victims suffering from radiation symptoms. Consequently, it led to the invention of the Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MRET), for which he developed different types of patented products that assist in activating water and water-based products. 

Moreover, through MRET, Smirnov built the WaveRider technology, which reduces EMR, plus low frequency, high frequency, and underground radiation. Additionally, it creates a natural frequency that does not affect the transmission quality of WiFi or mobile signals, resembling a harmless natural environment from radiation in every family. 

Smirnov has also conducted advanced research and study of the psychosomatic development of children who swim in their infancy at the St. Petersburg Children Hospital. And due to his exceptional hard work that delivered promising results, his research was published by the World Health Organization in Munich, Germany, St. Petersburg University Press, and peer-reviewed magazines like The Electric SpaceCraft Journal, Explore Magazine, and many more. 

Moreover, Smirnov is the founder and CEO of the prestigious Global Quantech, a United States Biotechnology Research corporation. He is also affiliated with some of the best scientists of our time, such as Masaru Emoto and Dr. John Lily.

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