Fruit Flush Three Day Detox Diet

The fruit flush three day detox diet can be particularly used for cleansing after festive season. Jay Robb’s methodology of helping the body get rid of all the impurities body would accumulate by piling up the body system by over stuffing oneself with all sorts of food and drink during the holiday season is quite a craze.

The objective of this diet plan is allowing the body to loose all those additional kilos gained by having the delicious meals and drinks during an extended party, a vacation or during festivals. Regaining the figure and vitality is the mantra of this diet. Due to over indulgence in food besides putting on weight, the system also gets clogged up and requires cleansing. The option to look for is the all fruit diet.

As the name suggests, the fruit flush is a 3-day diet consisting of just fruits. Fruits help in dissolving stored toxins, the water and fiber in the fruits help to flush out wastes aiding in weight reduction. It also strengthens the body and helps in improving the metabolism of liver which plays a vital role in discarding the toxins.

1st day: the pre-flush

On the first day of this diet plan between 8 am and 4 pm one has to drink protein mix (11/4 cup protein powder and 1 quart water), this has to be consumed every two hours. Make it a point to eat 3 to 6 cups of raw vegetable salad and 3 to 6 ounces of lean chicken, beef, fish or turkey at 6 pm. This food should have a topping of 1 to 2 ounces of olive oil or flax seed oil, or half avocado and half a lemon juice. After taking each protein milk or drink, one hour later drink water around 8-12-ounces.

2nd and 3rd day: fruit flush three day detox diet

On the second and third day between 8 am and 4 pm help yourself with fresh fruit serving, at an interval of two hours. At 6 pm, like the first day eat a single serving of raw vegetable salad. Along with this also drink one protein drink comprising of 12 ounces of water and 5 tablespoons of protein powder.

Unlike the 30-day detox diet or fasting, the fruit flush three day detox diet can be followed for a period of up to 12 weeks, by following the diet plan for 3 days and taking 4 days off alternately. The diet is based on natural fruits and vegetables and followed uninterrupted, definitely aids in considerable weight loss without any negative effects on the system and functions. The program has had very good reviews. The dieters say the diet is rich in fiber, vitamins and antioxidants and low in potassium and sodium. Hence this kind of diet apart from aiding in detoxifying the body and reducing body weight also improves energy level, ensures regular bowel movements and cleansing the system and improves skin tone.

The fruit flush diet program does not advocate use of any kind of chemicals such as preservatives, laxatives or pills; also Robb does not insist on any particular exercise regime during the course of diet. Inspite of all this there are a few negatives.

One of the important thing is it is a very low calorie diet, hence not a balanced one. It is not a program which can be continued for very long term for reducing weight. It is not ideal if you are on a fat loss program. Many individuals who have tried it are not very convinced with the recommendation of using Robb’s protein powder. The affirmative reviews definitely outweigh the negative noises and several dieters give their own handy protein mixtures to the people opting for this diet plan and manage to obtain the desired results of the fruit flush diet program!