Five Reasons Why You Should Invest In Spravato

A new ketamine-based antidepressant raises hope — and questions

Feeling hopeless, irritability, sadness, and fatigue are among the severe symptoms associated with depression that commonly affects most American adults. Despite the prevalence of depression, most individuals neglect the need to seek early treatment, resulting in worsening symptoms. Fortunately, if you’ve tried other depression treatments without seeing any positive results, spravato Sandy Springs treatments are your ideal solution.

Treatment-resistant depression can be overwhelming and negatively impacts your life quality. However, spravato is a game changer in addressing depression that doesn’t respond to other medications. Let’s examine the top reasons why you should invest in Spravato.

1.     A safe and effective way of treating depression

Typically, spravato is an FDA-approved treatment that contains esketamine and effectively addresses treatment-resistance depression in adults. Also, spravato is best suited to treating major depressive disorders, especially those with acute suicidal ideation. Unlike normal antidepressants, spravato targets the glutamate system – a major excitatory neurotransmitter in your brain. The eskatimine nasal spray binds the brain’s inhibitory neurons, causing net excitation in the brain areas affected by depression. If you have tried antidepressants without relief, spravato will work better for your mental wellness.

2.     It addresses other mental health disorders

Besides treating treatment-resistant depression, spravato can help stabilize other mental health disorders. Most patients who get spravato for their depression also experience other related mental health issues like anxiety, OCD, and eating disorders. However, as spravato improves your depression, the other aspects of your mental health will also improve. Any underlying mental health issues will improve as you heal from depression.

3.     Provides quick relief from depressive symptoms

Unlike antidepressants and other medications that take an extended period to provide relief, spravato treatments are customized for your unique concerns, thus yielding better and quick results. One of the major reasons why spravato is most preferred is because it’s fast-acting. Usually, traditional antidepressant medications can take 2-4 weeks to take effect, and chances are high that they won’t relieve your symptoms. On the other hand, Spravato can deliver incredible results within hours or days after your procedure. This is usually because the nasal spray absorbs esketamine more quickly than a pill.

4.     It helps your brain to grow and advance

Depression and other related mental health issues can cause you to develop certain negative thinking habits with time. However, spravato activates neuroplasticity, allowing your brain to grow and change. This helps your brain to release negative thought patterns as you overcome depression. After your treatment, you will realize that you are becoming unstuck from troublesome thinking like suicidal thoughts. This will also improve other mental health conditions.

5.     It has minimal side effects

Although psychotherapy and antidepressant medication are also used to address depression, some patients outweigh their effectiveness due to their multiple side effects. However, spravato is preferable as it incorporates minimal side effects, most of which can be prevented. While you can experience dizziness, lethargy, fatigue, nausea, and vomiting after your treatment, your provider will advise you on the dos and don’ts to manage your side effects.

Considering spravato as your option to address treatment-resistant depression offers incredible advantages for your mental and overall health. It doesn’t only provide you with fast relief but also ensures you experience improvements after each session. Therefore, if you’ve been suffering from mental health issues, especially depression, spravato could be what you need to get back on track.

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