10 Unhealthy Snacks You Should Avoid

Most of the time, we don’t really stop and think about the nutritional content of the food we are eating. This happens more often with snacks. If it tastes good and can satisfy hunger, then we don’t really spend too much time considering whether what we are having are healthy snacks.

To help you avoid some unhealthy snacks, we made a list of some of them. Feel free to refer to this list whenever you feel like having an in-between meal.

<strong>1. Fast foods.</strong> The most convenient and the most popular choice among snackers. And why not? They taste good and they are readily available. Still, fast food burgers and fries are two examples of unhealthy snacks you should avoid.

<strong>2. Microwavable meals.</strong> Or convenience foods, as known to some. These meals usually have very high sodium content and are laden with preservatives. Else, how would they last long?

<strong>3. Colorful foods. </strong>We don’t really mean red apples or very green vegetables, but artificially-colored foods. The more colorful they come, the worse they are. Too much food coloring can be toxic.

<strong>4. Snacks with very high sodium content. </strong>Too much sodium is bad for the heart and bad for your overall health. Home cooked meals that contain too much salt are the same.

<strong>5. Processed foods.</strong> Natural food altered through freezing, dehydration, etc. are processed foods and are some of the unhealthiest snack options available. Processed meats, in particular, are believed to contribute to increased risk for heart disease.

<strong>6. Canned goods. </strong>Beans are good snack options, but canned beans are not. If you are to have beans for snack, choose the naturally-cooked and unsalted ones.

<strong>7. Doughnuts.</strong> Another popular, quick snack option. However, doughnuts are very high in sugar and calories, particularly the frosted ones.

<strong>8. Pizza. </strong>This is such a popular snack that some families actually designate one day of the week as pizza day. But this beloved food does nothing to promote healthy eating habits and is actually a prime example of food with very high calorie content.

<strong>9. Chips.</strong> Potato chips, cheese curls and all those bagged tidbits that we just love to eat while sitting in front of the television. They have very high sodium content and do not really offer much in terms of nutrients.

<strong>10. Chocolates. </strong>You were probably hoping that this will not be on the list. Well, it is. Too much sugar and fat in just a single bar. Even the so-called sugar free ones are suspect.