Wellness Billionaire Partners With Mannatech's Real Food Technologies

Nearly ten years ago, we began to research the natural nutritional supplement industry to determine a great company to partner with. We soon discovered it would be no small task. Hundreds of companies were marketing thousands of wellness-based products, with new ones springing up literally every day. To make matters worse, many had no real science behind them and were simply created for the sole purpose of taking peoples money.

You’ve probably seen them before. The website looks great, some actor in white lab coat is speaking about these being the best products he’s ever seen, but the truth is 95% of the companies out there do not have the validating research and science to back up their claims.

We realized a list of strict criteria would be necessary to determine the true wellness competitors of the industry. Here are the points we took into consideration with our own research and qualification process…

  1. Does the product actually work?
  2. Is the product unique?
  3. Is the product globally patented?
  4. Are the products all-natural?
  5. Has the product been independently tested?
  6. Does the company have double-blind placebo studies?
  7. Does the company have peer-reviewed science?
  8. Has the product been positively acknowledged by the industry?
  9. Has the product been written about in credible health publications?
  10. Has the company’s research been published?
  11. Is the product strong enough to stand alone without an opportunity?
  12. Has the product won global awards for achievement based on it’s research or disruptive technology
  13. Have product users gone on record to tell their results?
  14. Are doctors, nurses, and other health professionals taking the product?
  15. Are doctors, nurses, and other health professionals actually promoting the product?
  16. Does the company offer a “family” of products that scientifically complement each other?
  17. Does the product comply with the FDA’s guidelines for Good Manufacturing Processes for Dietary Supplements?

Mannatech, Inc. scored a “yes” to each of the product criteria in our findings. They were the only company to do so.

Doing our due diligence has certainly paid off, not only in our own health but in our ability to successfully share those results with the world. Wellness Billionaire’s A-Team now numbers in the thousands and spans six continents. We are in the process of taking Mannatech’s proprietary wellness technologies into forty new countries over the next four years, beginning with Mexico. We now are searching for team leaders we can position for those strategic launches. Individuals who take action now by deciding to take advantage of the wellness revolution stand to place themselves at precisely the right place and time, with large global teams being created behind them.

We have also created a list of criteria for determining the best wellness business fit for you. The list is similar but focuses on criteria that will affect your ability to earn income from a wellness company. “From this list a person can literally somewhat predetermine whether or not they will be successful in their new venture. A person attempting to grow a global business with a company that scores a “3” or “4”, for example, is going to have a lot tougher time than someone working with a company that scores a “19” or “20”. It’s just a fact. These factors are real and genuinely affect your ability to become financially independent. It’s a shame when someone puts in years building a business to simply find out they partnered with the wrong company.

From a business perspective, using our business criteria list, Mannatech, Inc. was the only company to score a perfect “20” in our opinion. As a result, we’ve formed a strategic alliance with the company in an aggressive global expansion plan, forming the A-Team. Find out more at the website below.

Taking a few moments to review your top choice before you start a new wellness business may save you a fortune in time and money.

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