The Importance Of Healthy Foods And Healthy Eating Habits For Children

Many parents feel having trouble with healthy foods and healthy eating habits in their children. Not all children like healthy foods. Often we find a child who will not eat vegetables, fruits, or fish. Actually, the first must be recognized by the parents is that parents need to adjust the amount of nutrients that are consumed by their children for nutritional needs of each child is different. There are at least minimum standards that must be consumed for the child is fat, protein and carbohydrates. These nutrients can be obtained from the variety of foods consumed. Fat consumption to 30% of the total energy in a day is needed to absorb important vitamins such as A, D, E, and K.

Parents should not be afraid to give fat intake in children as long as the recommended portion. This is because children are individuals who are still growing physically and emotionally so that required different types of food composition.

Parents are expected to avoid the habit of unhealthy eating. Avoid giving unhealthy foods like junk food. In addition to the cooking process is not well cooked, junk food has a high salt content and various other chemicals such as preservatives, colorings, and artificial sweeteners. In fact, the habit of eating unhealthy foods has the potential to cause serious diseases such as cancer, obesity, cholesterol, stroke, gout, allergies or diabetes.

Establishing healthy eating to children, introduces healthy foods, as well as teaches children to make healthy food, indirectly create richer insight into the child. He knew what healthy foods to choose and where unhealthy foods to avoid

Healthy Eating Habits for Children, What should parent do?

Psychologically, eating behavior arises because children imitate the eating habits of other family members. For example, parents who like sweet foods will make the children fan of sweet foods as well. Habits of parents wash their hands before eating; will also be imitated by children.

In providing optimal nutrition for children, the mother of creativity is required. Therefore, mothers should adjust the intake of good nutrition for children, including quite understand how to deal with children when they do not want to eat.

As the process of learning, healthy eating habits provide many benefits to children, including self-confidence. Since childhood, children begin to learn to hold his own spoon, scoop the food, and sat in his chair (each time to be fed). Provide opportunities to the preschoolers to determine or choose the desired own food. At school age, cooking activities will also enhance self-esteem of children. Children become more proud when they can make their own healthy food. Also parents should also be more creative in serving healthy food for children.

What used to eat children today, will determine future health. Because of that, make it a habit to create healthy eating habits and give children a nutritious meal. Teach children to avoid unhealthy foods. Get used to read the composition of foods listed on the packaging. This can also be taught to children of school age, when he bought his own food that will consume.