Tasty Foods That Can Aid In Your Hip Replacement Recovery

Having a hip replaced can be a great pain reliever, allowing a person to enjoy everyday living the way they always imagined. Yet, there’s a general fear of hip replacement recovery obstacles, like blood clots or Osteolysis.

Because a hip replacement can be the result of numerous life situations, medications and follow up care may vary. Still, across the board physicians agree that a healthy diet is a big key to recovery success. Since hip replacement surgery can make the body more vulnerable to illnesses, it’s important to load up on super nutritious foods. The exciting thing is, there are foods that are packed with both powerful nutrients and taste.

Imagine enjoying a carefully seasoned salmon grilled with a splash of lemon.  Or a mouth watering Trout, well prepared and tender.  These fish taste good and provide your body with Omega-3 fatty acids known also as Omega 3s. Omega 3s are amongst the top food champions known for their ability to help ease joint pain and boost immune systems.

The moment they work their way into a body’s system, they begin activating a chemical that helps control inflammation. Their role is so vital that a recovering patient can enjoy up to two hearty servings of one of these cold water fish a week.  Almost every restaurant has one of these fish on their dinner menu but there are several everyday recipes that can show you how to make this fish an at home dinner delight.

Do you have a sweet tooth?  Indulge in a cupful of fresh strawberries, raspberries, or blueberries.  Because these sweet treats are flavor filled bites of antioxidants, they also reign as some of the top food champions.

The antioxidants these berries release are disease fighting, preventing the stress that comes from oxidation.  There have been several studies showing that a cup of berries a day can help increase the amount of antioxidants your body needs, especially after a surgery when your body needs the extra help. Served chilled, steamed, or freshly picked, berries are an excellent addition to your recovery menu.  

If after eating a wonderful fish dinner or berry snack you still have a desire for a little more, try having a small portion of dark chocolate.  An ounce of smooth, melt in your mouth dark chocolate eaten everyday has been proven to reduce the formation of plaque formed in arteries while simultaneously lowering blood pressure. During hip recovery, this treat is one you don’t have to feel bad about enjoying.

Tasty foods that can aid in your hip replacement recovery really do exist. Fish, delicious berries, and dark chocolate are just as nutritious for children as they are for adults.

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