Student’s Health Insurance in Germany

The students have to pay many types of the studying expenses and one of the biggest items of expenses is the student`s insurance. In some countries the drawing up of the student`s health insurance is the necessary requirement for the students (for example, in Germany). To receive the student`s health insurance, you will have to get the insurance certificate. Such certificates can be received in any AOK Office.
The students have wide range of choice and each person can choose the insurance offer which will meet all individual wishes, requirements and needs. The student can be under the covering of the parent`s insurance policy. It is possible till the 25th birthday. But if the monthly income is more than 350 EUR, the student has to draw up own insurance policy.
In the case if the students have to pay their own insurance policy, they can choose the company which they like, as there are many insurance providers. The average sum of money, which the student has to pay for the health insurance during the month, is about 50 EUR. The students receive excellent medical treatment. The restrictions of the coverage are usually serious illnesses and birth of the child.
The students can receive such types of insurance if they are less than 30 years old. If the students are older or they have completed the 14 semesters in the university, they can apply for the receiving of the voluntary insurance of the AOK. The advisors and counselors of the AOK will help all the students to find the most appropriate offers of insurance.
If the members of you family, which are nor students, but live with you in Germany, they can be also under the coverage of the student`s insurance without additional charge. To receive all essential information, contact the advisors of the AOK.