Sony’s PlayStation 3 120GB Slim Console

The Sony PS3 Slim is finally here. Having undergone a diet, the once ” fat” video game console has emerged as a slimmer, trimmer cooler version of its original self and is not too different from the original version.

The Slim is smaller in size, a lower price tag and has a 120GB HDD this is up from the original’s 80GB. It has the same features as the original PS3 yet consumes 34 percent less power. It also takes up about 32 percent less space. A matted finish replaces the glossy black finish of the original. This is an added bonus for those who worry about fingerprints and dust. However; if you like shiny things, all is not loss. There is still some gloss on the side panels and on the disc drive. A new PS3 logo has been etched on the side.

The hard drive has been moved from the side of the system to front for better accessibility. If you do so choose, you can replace the hard drive without voiding the warranty. Unscrew two screws, and you are on your way.

The Slim measures 11.42 x 2.56 x 11.42 in relation to 12.75 x 3.86 x 10.8 in the older PS3 measures.

The Slim weighs 7lbs whereas the original game console weighed in at 11lbs. This decrease in size and weight makes it more haulable from room to room or place to place. The touch- sensitive on/off and disc -eject buttons have been replaced with real buttons which light up when the console is on.

The Slim has a smaller and more energy efficient 45nm version of the cell processor. The original had a 60nm cell processor. This has cut energy consumption by two thirds and has made fan noise ever quieter than before. The ps3 slim has built-in Wi-Fi and two USB ports. The Slim also has a blu-ray drive. The blu-ray drive can be used for movies as well as, games. It has a free online gaming service and a built-in web browser.

The new system has Bravia Sync on it. If you have a Sony TV, this will be an added bonus because it will allow direct control of your console with your television remote control. For those who do not own a Sony TV, this update will not be too important.

The Slim maintains backward compatibility with PlayStation 1 games but just like the original there is no backwards compatibility for PS2 games. Meaning you can not play PS2 games on the Slim. Sony says this feature is off the table entirely. To some, this is disappointing. Gamers who still enjoy their PS2 games will have to continue with on with using two systems.

There no longer is the option to install an alternative operating system. The slim does not have infrared port. Which means non-Bluetooth universal remotes are not compatible with PS3 Slim.

The Slim can stand vertically or horizontally. The Slim tends to become less stable when spinning a disk. You may want to buy the optional stand if you do plan to stand it. Or makeshift your own stand. This will not be a big issue with some gamers.

If you do not have a PS3 console, or found the original’s price tag was a bit too much for your wallet to handle, then now is your time. The Slim is cheaper, lighter ( it will be easier to move from room to room), uses less power as before, and gives you free online play.