Large Numbers Are Injured By Drunk Drivers In Los Angeles Annually

Thousands of people are injured in automobile accidents in Los Angeles, California each year, and a majority of the most serious of these accidents can be attributed to drunk drivers. Drunk drivers cause a multitude of damage to others when they decide to step out of the bar or club and into their car to drive away. The damages most often reported are physical, but emotional trauma is not uncommon among those who are involved in an accident with an intoxicated driver. Property is another, often overlooked victim of drunk drivers, and many vehicles are rendered immobile and even irreparable following these types of accidents. If you’ve been the victim of an intoxicated driver and have incurred physical injuries, emotional trauma, or property damages as a result, you should contact a drunk driving injury lawyer immediately.

There are many people who experience a variety of physical injuries following their involvement in Los Angeles drunk driving accidents. Some of these injuries can easily include severe whiplash, broken bones, serious fractures, and even brain or spinal injury. A majority of these injuries can heal with time and proper medical attention. The emotional trauma that one may experience following their injuries, however, can be more lasting and even more detrimental. Although the court system will find ways to punish those individuals who cause drunk driving accidents and injuries, they often do not provide any sort of reparation to those who are the victims of these crimes. This is why it’s so important to contact a drunk driving injury law firm immediately following your accident. Your lawyer will fight for you to receive the compensation you need to care for the physical and emotional damages you’ve likely suffered.

In some cases, vehicular damage is the only inconvenience one may incur from a drunk driving accident. This in itself, however, can be an incredibly costly nuisance for one to handle. Insurance companies are infamously hard to deal with, especially when they are in circumstances that require them to compensate their customers for damages or injuries. Your insurance company may argue that they are unwillingly to pay for the cost of damages to your vehicle because of the high cost or because they supposedly don’t financially cover certain aspects of your accident. This is just another reason you should contact a California drunk driving injury lawyer. He or she can speak directly with your insurance company and may be able to legally require them to cover the costs of your accident without giving you grief. This action alone can save you from the headache and hassle that seems to be a natural side effect of dealing with insurance companies.

Your drunk driving injury lawyer will also be able to help you determine a just amount to pursue for your settlement. This amount will vary in accordance with the injuries and damages you’ve incurred, so you’ll need the help of your lawyer to decide how much your claim is worth. Pursuing too much or too little can mean the difference between winning what you deserve or losing your settlement opportunity altogether.