Humana Health Insurance – Get Real Facts

Humana Medicare under Humana, Inc. provides healthcare guidance services that cover the wide array of sub-categories of products one can avail from Humana Health Insurance plans and deals. Healthcare guidance is concerned with the provision of reliable advice and suggestions regarding the most appropriate steps to take in availing of health insurance and financial medical assistance products and services. This includes offers suited for the needs of various groups and individuals depending on medical and health specifications and needs. This company is focused on the “prevention rather than cure” ideology of good health and wellness maintenance. Unique features offered by this company include the use of a Humana Health Plan Wizard for assistance in providing the customer with the most affordable deals. There are tons of other details regarding this company’s offers. You may check them out via their website:

One of the two best ways to know about health insurance deals and what these can provide is to call an insurance company agent and ask for all the details and information you need. The second is to check reviews, surveys, comments, and feedback from customers who have witnessed these plans unfold through their own personal accounts regarding their subscriptions. For the Humana Health Insurance company, such surveys have been made, and the results are staggeringly negative. Out of a whole survey population, 62% have reported that they have been very unsatisfied about the company’s performance, while only 5% have claimed to be extremely satisfied with their services.

The negative figures are just the reflections of a more detailed listing of real and personal accounts from customers. These individuals have shared personal experiences with the company’s unsatisfactory servicing. Most comments and feedback revolve around the issue of how Humana Health Insurance seems to run away from its claims and financial responsibilities when it comes to the medical needs of their clients. In addition to this, complications have been reported to arise amidst the previously mentioned problem. Once the complaints came in, people have been finding it more difficult to reach or contact people from the company management with whom they could extend their pleas. There have also been observations regarding how the company provides false excuses in order to temporarily pacify angry and dissatisfied clients and customers. This also indicates poor customer service performance, and many have stressed this problem as well.

There have also been reports of customers being given wrong information in order to be misled and thus not be able to properly address their complaints. There are even claims that the phone line navigation has been “malfunctioning” in a suspecting manner. One example would be the necessary multiple times a caller must key in his/her social security number just to end up being on the other end of a dead phone line that suddenly hangs up on you. Humana Health Insurance prices have also been reported to be overpriced.

A limited few have made positive comments on the Humana Health Insurance service providing. Although this may be the case, there are still advantages with this company. Find out more about it through their official company website and through agents.