There are many fat loss commercials that you see addressing questions such as “what to eat to lose weight fast? How to lose water weight fast? How fast can you lose weight?” But rarely do you see anything concerning how to lose stomach fat? People are anxious to know how to burn fat in the stomach area, I know I was. I am sure you know many people that are appear to be fit but yet they have excessive fat surrounding their abdominal area “stomach fat”.

For years commercials, television and infomercials have conditioned people to believe that fat loss will be proportional throughout the body once your weight is lost. This cannot be further from the truth, since most of us know that even if we lose our desired weight naturally there always is excessive fat around the stomach area. So how would one lose stomach fat fast? The answer is exercise and following a proven, natural and healthy diet plant. Keywords here being Natural and Proven. I discuss and review the plan which I and many celebrities use to lose weight on my site in more detail but to be brief I lost 53LBS within 5 months, more importantly got rid of excess fat on my stomach area. How you ask? By simply following a natural exercise routine and eating right 4-5 times a day. Notice I did not say eating less or starving yourself. Eating and Exercise go hand in hand to help you lose stomach fat, if you do one and not the other then you will not achieve rock hard abs.

The exercise plan on my site which I followed generally consisted of resistance or weight training combined with cardio and a sensible eating plan which created the calorie deficit I needed to burn all my fat and make my abs hard and visible. There is no easy answer but it is not hard or rocket science either, just follow a proven, natural and healthy diet plan and stick to it and you will see results within 30 days or less.