Herbs – Understand The Different Kinds Of Herbs

Herbs: Understanding the Different Kinds of Herbs and What These Herbs are Good for

Herbs can be considered one of the most important products in the world today, and for many different reasons. Herbs can be used for many different purposes, and for most of the part, they are plants that are grown for culinary, medicinal, or in some cases, even spiritual value. Basically, what happens is that the green and leafy part of the medicinal plant is typically used for all of these purposes.

Culinary herbs are basically distinguished from vegetables in that they are used in smaller quantity, and they also provide flavor, rather than substance, in our food.

With regards to the actual history of herbs, they have truly played an important part in man’s life for thousands of years, and some herbs were actually given magical properties in some traditional rituals, and this was probably in part due to the fact that herbs are considered as having medicinal purposes; in fact, in France during the Middle Ages period, babies were actually rubbed with Artemisia juices in order to protect them from the cold (which can be deadly then).

Mint is one of the most popular herbs of today, and Greek athletes actually used to use bruised mint leaves as an after-bath lotion, and as well, in the Middle Ages, mint was considered as being extremely important as it was used as a cleansing agent. Mint was later even used to purify water that had turned stale on long voyages.

More About Types of Herbs

There is truly a multitude of herbs that are out there, some discovered and some still lying inside some jungles. Some of the herbs includes the following: Ajwain, Allspice, Aloe Vera, Ambrosia herbs, Anise, Apple mint, Arrowroot, Annatto, Avens, Balmony, Basil, Bison grass, Bistort, Bitters, Blue Cohosh, Boldo, Bush tomato, Caper, Caraway, Cinnamon, Chickweed, Centaury, Cayenne pepper, and many more.

If you are interested in growing your own herbs for consuming, then you can easily do so in your own garden. However if you wish, you can also just go to your local grocery store to pick up these same herbs easily, however they will taste much better if you grow them yourself, or at least buy them when fresh.

It is overall easy to see how important herbs are, as well as how many uses that they have; herbs are used for so many things, not only in the olden days but in the present time as well, and so it is incredibly important to recognize and realize this. It is through preservation of our forest that we can continue to discover more herbs.