Herbs That Lower Triglycerides, Reduce High Cholesterol Levels and Remove Toxins From Your Body

Not many people know that there are certain herbs that lower triglycerides. Indeed, Mother Nature does not play favorites especially when it comes to good health, and makes these herbs available to target specific problems. So if you have a heart problem resulting from increased levels of triglycerides and LDL, you can be sure that Mother Earth has something to offer you. The best thing is that these herbs are actually familiar to you.

Take for instance, garlic. Garlic, for sure is something that you use to add flavor to your dishes perhaps even everyday if you are fond of cooking. Garlic has excellent health benefits; it’s been used for years to heal a wide range of illnesses because of its antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. Garlic, too, has been found to liquefy blood fat, thus making removal of fat from the arterial walls so much easier. With less fat clumping at the muscles of the arteries, cholesterol levels are bound to go down, and with it there should also be a resulting decrease in the levels of triglycerides. It goes to say that if you have problems with elevated cholesterol and triglycerides and if your blood pressure is beyond the normal range, chopping some raw garlic and chewing it helps to solve the problem.

Psyllium is also recommended for high cholesterol and triglyceride levels. A rich source of soluble fiber, Psyllium aids in removing toxins, including blood fat, such as cholesterol and triglyceride, from the body.

Green Tea has far-reaching health benefits as well. Green Tea leaves have been identified as among the herbs that lower triglycerides because of its fat-burning and calorie-reducing properties. When you have high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, you are advised to lose weight, and green tea helps you to do that. You can easily brew a cup of Green Tea for good health by boiling water and then soaking the Green Tea leaves in it. Strain, add a bit of lemon juice or honey for more flavor and added health benefits, and drink to your heart’s content.

If you don’t have problems with your kidneys or liver, Red Yeast Rice is another herb that can effectively lower down cholesterol levels as it slows down the production of cholesterol. In fact, many drugs made to regulate cholesterol levels are based on it or have it as component.

It is always a good idea to couple these herbal remedies with a healthy lifestyle. This means avoiding eating breakfast at fast food restaurants or buying takeouts for lunch because these foods contain many preservatives and artificial flavorings and are usually prepared using saturated oil. It’s also a must to resist all temptation to drink alcoholic beverages or feed your sweet tooth with cakes and pastries made of refined sugar and flour as either one could up the levels of your triglycerides.

Although these herbs that lower triglycerides are also available in capsule, powder, or liquid form, it’s always best to prepare them yourself at home.


All natural and safe, the herbs that lower triglycerides is definitely worth a try! You can finally discover how to naturally control your cholesterol levels and lower triglycerides naturally to avoid the risk of serious heart problems.

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