Following Weight Loss Diets and Health Concerns

In case of attaining weight loss with fruitful results, it is advisable to indulge in a healthy diet. One of the most effective means of losing weight is by means of dieting. However it is to be borne in mind before indulging in a diet program that one must take suitable advice from an expert or a medical practitioner as all diet types may not suit the body type of an individual. Moreover, it is also necessary to remember that some of these diets may have harmful effects and thus proper research is advised.

The term ‘weight loss diet’ is often considered synonymous with the ‘Fad Diet’. These fad diets are extremely low in calories and they certify the consumption of certain selected liquid foods which have almost zero nutritional content. Some of the prominent fad diet foods include grapefruit diet and cabbage soup diets. It is to be noted here that researchers have dubbed this fad diet as extremely unhealthy and injurious to health as in the illusion of causing weight loss they actually reduce water content in the body which gives the dieter a false idea that he is losing weight. Once this diet is abandoned, the proportion of water loss is gained soon and thus the weight loss is transformed into weight gain. Therefore this weight loss diet is extremely ineffective.

However, there are a series of weight loss diets which are quite effective. These diets are balanced with suitable ingredient which lower weight but do not compromise with the energy level ad are also not harmful for the body. Such diets are rich in fruits and vegetables which act as preventives against diseases like heart attacks and cancer. Moreover, these low fat diets contain high proportions of carbohydrates along with moderate amounts of protein. Unlike the high protein and high carbohydrate content diets which are considered unhealthy, the low fat diets are recommended highly and are also used prevalently by athletes and sportspersons for improved performance levels. Moreover, the presence of complex carbohydrates in these diets are also extremely beneficial as they are very healthy and at the same time do not cause fattening. Therefore a perfect weight loss diet should comprise of a constant eating pattern, all forms of food groups and it is advisable for overweight individuals to ignore the various quick weight loss diet methods like fad diets, diet foods and hunger suppressants which cause more harm to the body than actually aiding in weight loss.