Fitness Tips: How to have a healthy vacation

Vacations are significant for balancing out the stress levels in our lives. However, it can be a real roadblock or momentum-killer for the fitness freak. The perfect vacation would be the one without the presence of ‘fitness guilt’, especially for those who put on weight easily when away from their usual fitness routine.Here is what you can do.

Opt for an ‘Active’ vacation over a ‘Laidback’ one

Vacations are meant to replenish and rejuvenate. Leisure is fine but laziness can be fatal. An active vacation would mean that you are always on your toes and making use of every minute. This will keep your body moving and keep those extra calories away. If your room is on the fourteenth floor of your hotel, opt for the stairs. Try and avoid sightseeing on a vehicle. Walk as much as you can. Sure relaxation is important, but definitely not at the expense of gaining calories. On the other hand, a laidback vacation can surely make you feel fat at the end of the day.

This is when an online personal trainer comes in handy

Now obviously you cannot carry his personal trainer along everywhere. Having an online personal trainer during a vacation can be more than convenient. A quick 5-minute facetime or a WhatsApp conversation can be helpful. The trainer will provide invaluable tips and guidelines as to how to keep the extra pounds away. Apart from this, the importance of staying loyal to the original fitness routine will also be reinstated in the individual and as a result, he will be more circumspect before engaging with unhealthy habits.

Pick Your Food & Drink wisely

A couple of drinks with the favorite form of meat is a must, isn’t it? Sure it is and one should definitely indulge in the same. But how about some wisdom before indulgence instead of guilt after the party’s over? Ensure that the drink is not one with high sugar content like a cocktail with cola and the like. Instead, opt for some wine or a light beer. By all means, do indulge in meat. But how about having them boiled with vegetables as assortments instead of having them fried along with french fries to chase it down. It ultimately comes down to will and choice. You might want to refer to the food list prepared by your certified nutrition specialist if you are unsure of how to go about it.

You can always make time for fitness

Remember what your online personal trainer said while Facetiming?? “If you have the motivation, you can always buy yourself at lease 30 minutes from even the busiest of itineraries.” The best thing to do would be to wake up early. Get in the customized workout session while your family is still fighting the alarm. Not only do you feel that you have done your bit to keep the ‘fitness guilt away’, but you are also more than ready for an exciting vacation day.

Water, Water and more Water

It might so happen that due to whatever circumstances, you are not able to do any of the above. The best option then is to resort to water. Not only will it keep the muscle pulls and cramps away but it actually will help in keeping calories away. WebMD states that drinking water before every meal helps in the approximate reduction in intake of 75 calories per meal. A good idea is to have ice cold water as it would mean that your body has to work that bit harder for warming up the water and that will lead to burning more calories and enhance the overall metabolism rate. Water is one of the best fluids for consumption if you want to avoid getting bloated due to inactivity.

Rest Optimally

Sometimes, you might reach a particular place with a pre-conceived notion of not picking up excess fat during the vacation. As a result, you might try and over-achieve things. Yes you should remain as healthy as possible but you shouldn’t forget that at the end of the day it’s a vacation. So, it’s important that you do not presurrize your body too much either. Sure, get in a workout session or two, but don’t compromise on putting your feet up and just chilling for the two days. At the end of the day, you should feel satisfied about the vacation in your own mind. A good mental health always adds to the overall fitness of the body.