Body Detox Tips: Spa Treatments

A body detox program shouldn’t be all about suffering and sacrifice. It should be fun, too! Learn about some of the different spa treatments that you can try to give your natural body detox a boost:

1. The foot bath. So let’s discuss your feet for a moment. Your feet? Yes. Many people involved in a whole body detox enjoy a detox foot bath. This is not the same as the plastic vibrating foot bath you got as a gift that you never use. A detox foot bath uses a metal container that puts an slight electric charge in the water. This charge won’t hurt you, but it binds to the toxins in your body and transports them out through the pores in your feet. One thing you will notice is that your sinuses will drain almost immediately.

2. Skin brushing. This is a great pick-me-up for any whole body detox. It involves taking a brush with natural bristles and going over your entire body with it. Use a long handled brush. Do it before you shower. Start at the soles of your feet and work your way upward to the top of your head. This stimulates blood circulation and helps get the lymph system going. It also just plain feels good, too.

3. Contrast Showers. These are extremely popular and very easy to do at home. Simply jump in the shower and make it as hot as you can for about 3-5 minutes. This is important in any natural body detox as it helps remove toxins from your body. Next, turn the water to cold for anywhere between 30 seconds and 1 minute. This closes your pores to avoid any other toxins seeping in from the bathroom. It is also very invigorating.

4. Clay Baths. Clay-bentonite clay in particular-is known for it’s abilities in drawing toxins out from the body. While you may pay out the nose if you go to a spa for this, there are many versions you can do at home. The advantage of this treatment in your whole body detox is that it can draw metals out of your system that not many other treatments can. If you have never done a clay bath before, you will be surprised by how good it feels.

5. Herbal Steams. Ever hold your head over boiling water with a towel draped over your hair? Herbal treatments work the same, but have the added benefit of using certain plants with known detox properties. Boil up some today, place a couple of drops of essential oils on your forehead, and get to it!

6. Epsom Salt. This old-fashioned remedy is a boost to any whole body detox. Epsom salts supply sulfate to the body to aid in removing toxins. Dissolve some in a hot bath. Finish off with a shower in cold water to close pores to avoid any new toxins coming in. After that, cover up and go to bed so you can sweat toxins out overnight.

Using any and all of the methods above will not only help detox your body but make you feel pampered a little in the process. They are a great way to benefit your health and pamper yourself at the same time.