Ascension – Energy Medicine For the Lightbody

Ascension can be quite uncomfortable as the vibrational frequency of the entire form, right down to the cellular level, is changing. It does not have to be difficult, though. Fortunately, there is a new form of energy medicine on the planet to help us move through this stage, and it is called EDINA energy medicine.

Energy medicine includes such things as Quantum Touch, Reiki, Touch for Health, Quantum Healing, Psych-K, BodyTalk System and Matrix Energetics. So what is special about EDINA? It works directly on the human Lightbody. The ancients certainly knew how to work on the Lightbody. Shamanic practitioners all over the planet used Lightbody healing techniques in ancient times, though they have been largely lost over the ages. Changes to the Lightbody will affect the physical, emotional and spiritual levels of the individual. While most of us cannot see the Lightbody, we definitely can feel it. When we do EDINA, almost everyone can feel the light as it is introduced into the various parts of the body.

EDIINA’s ability to reclaim Lightbody healing comes from ascended Starbeings from Sirius-B called the Ankenash, who are members of the Ashtar Command, and who interact with humanity with the permission of our own Spiritual Hierarchy.

So what is the Lightbody? It is the energetic duplicate of our physical body which leaves as we die. A light leaves the human body at the moment of death. I personally saw this three distinct times while giving a stranger CPR in an airport in 1990. Clear evidence of the Lightbody also comes to us in the form of Kirlian photography, where the Lightbody makes an imprint on the film-light can be photographed coming out of the hands of healers. If you use that photographic technique to look at a leaf, you will see a glowing version of the leaf. Then tear off a piece of the leaf, and you will still see light coming from the entire leaf in the next photo you take. Why? It’s because the Lightbody remains intact. And if a person has an arm or leg amputated, we know that they will still have sensations in the missing limb. It may ache or itch, for example. This is called “phantom limb” syndrome. The person is actually feeling sensations in the Lightbody of their missing arm or leg.

We work with the Lightbody directly when we practice EDINA. Connecting to the Ankenash, Starbeings from Sirius-B, we follow instructions from them as to which EDINA techniques to utilize for that particular client, and in what sequence. The Ankenash work on our clients (or self) in the expanded realms at the same time we are working in the three/four dimensions (or densities). Communicating with us telepathically either by words heard clairaudiently, or visions of what to do next, or just a felt sense, these loving Starbeings assist and guide us in the healing session. This light/energy also comes out through the palms of the hands. In the advanced EDINA classes we learn to additionally connect to the ascended beings called the Hathors for assistance with our sound healing.

EDINA can be used on the self or others, and requires an initiation in order to connect. Gradually more techniques are being given to us from the Starbeings of Sirius-B, and then shared in advanced classes for those who are interested in attending. Energetic light, color, sound, mandalas and more are used, including some medical chi gong and shamanic techniques. Numerous methods that were lost from the High Period of Atlantis are being re-assembled in this form of healing-the parts having been fragmented and spread about all over the planet and pieces retained in various cultures.

What have we seen healed with EDINA? Well, snoring for one. Don’t laugh. It can be really important in a marriage to be able to sleep with the beloved! Some of the other reports include relief from narcolepsy, emotional disorders, insomnia, panic disorders, allergies, back pain, digestive problems, terminal blood diseases and joint pain, just to name a few.

The primary goal of EDINA, however, is to assist humanity in this process called ascension. The Ankenash will work with the client/practitioner in gradually reconnecting the 12 strand RNA/DNA, and with minimizing the side-effects of the ascension process. What are these side-effects? Symptoms of ascension may include feeling intense pressure, heightened sensitivity to the environment, excess heat in the body-day or night, feeling disoriented in space, waking at 2-4 am-alternating with sleeping heavily for 12 or more hours, anxiety, confusion about identity, violent dreams (as you release past life trauma), sensing things that are “not there.” EDINA energy medicine sessions can help minimize the uncomfortable affects to make the ascension process smoother. That is the primary intent of this work.

To learn more about the symptoms of ascension and about EDINA please visit the website, There are many instructors now, and our initiates span the globe. We would love to have you join us in this exciting experience!