Arm Exercises For Women – 28 Minute Bat Wing Banishing Workout For Busy Women

“Bat Wings” or “Bingo Arms” are terms that have been coined to describe the phenomenon of arms that wobble when you wave due to saggy skin and excess upper arm fat. It appears to occur mostly in women as they age and, if not addressed in its early stages, will get worse and worse. It’s important to realize that it’s not simply about doing any arm exercise that target the tricep (upper arm) area. If you want to get rid of arm fat and tighten up the sagging skin, you must keep two things in mind when exercising.

Firstly, in order to get rid of the excess fat that lines the muscle, you have to have a cardio component to the exercise. Cardiovascular exercise, when done properly, is a way to burn fat continuously, even after the workout has finished. Done incorrectly will result in your body using muscle instead of fat as fuel, potentially making the flabby arm problem worse.

Secondly, in order to sculpt and shape your upper arm requires you do engage in strength training as well. While this sort of training does mean that you will be using weights and building muscle, it does not mean that you will be bulking like bodybuilders do. Rylan Duggan, “Problem Part Expert”, personal trainer and owner of Adonis Fitness in British Columbia, Canada says this: “Losing body fat is simply not enough, you need to tone

and define the muscle that lies underneath the fat. Failure to do this and you will find yourself with arms that (although slimmer), will flap even more than they once did.” (Pg 14)

Cardio: 18 minutes long (Pg 20)

  1. With your chosen form of cardio (running, cycling, rowing, etc), spend two minutes warming up at a leisurely pace.
  2. Speed up to a pace which you can hold consistently for 12 minutes without having to drop intensity. Using a heart monitor can help you regulate this.
  3. For the last four minutes drop back down to the leisurely pace.

Strength Training: 10 minutes long (Pg 24)

  • Squat with Shoulder Raise: Start by standing up straight, holding two dumbbells in front of you with an overhand grip, like a motorbike. Keeping your back straight, squat until your thighs are parallel to the ground. At the same time, lift the dumbbells to shoulder height until they are parallel to the ground as well. Hold for half a second, then return to starting position. (Pg 32)
  • Deadlift: Start by standing up straight, holding two dumbbells in front of you. While keeping the back as straight as possible, bend at the knees until the weights are just below the knees. Hold for half a second then return to starting position. (Pg 33)
  • Dumbbell Curl to Shoulder Press: With dumbbells in hands, have feet shoulder-width apart. Without “throwing” the weights, lift the weights up to shoulder height, then, without stopping, press dumbbells straight up above your head. Hold for half a second then return to initial position by first lowering elbows, then lowering the weights back down to your sides. (Pg 34)
  • Exercise should be repeated 8 times each. There is no rest in between each exercise. Weights should be chosen to allow this. A two minute rest is taken at the end of the circuit. The circuit is repeated for a second set. (Pg 24)

The 18 minute cardio addresses the fat loss and skin tightening aspect, while the 10 minute strength training addresses the arm sculpting aspect. This combination ensures that your upper arms are not only lean, but also tight and “motionless” as well.