10 Simple Detox Tips for a Toxins Free and Healthy Body

Detoxig your body once a year is quite a recommended practice. As time passes the toxins level form your body increases. If you don’t do something to bring it down you will start getting sicker and sicker and fatter. You can envision a detox diet as a holyday clean up. It will speed up your metabolism and improve the overall functioning of your body. Here are some detoxification tip to help you detox your body:

1)Use soy milk to detox your body. By drinking lots of soy milk you will detox your liver. You should drink 350mg of soy milk 3 times a day for a couple of weeks. your liver will become brand new.

2)You have to drink a lot of water while detoxing your body. You should drink at least 12-14 cups of water daily. If you don’t like plain water you can drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices or tea. While on the detox diet you are forbidden to drink soft drinks or anything with caffeine in it.

3)Don’t drink any alcoholic beverages while you are on the detox diet. This applies especially if you want to detox your liver.

4)Do everything in your power to eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits. You should eat lots of salads, raw vegetables and fruits, fresh vegetable and fruit juices, nuts, seeds and yogurt. This aliments should form the basis of your healthy detox diet.

5)Eat foods that contain a lot of proteins. Because in our days animals are fed with all kind of unhealthy toxic chemicals you should stay away from meat while detoxing your body. You can get a lot of proteins form vegetables if you eat the right ones. You can get a lot of proteins form beans and soy. You can also eat eggs, dairies, fish and even chicken meat. Avoid eating fatty meats at all cost.

6)If you have to eat starchy foods, instead of bread, pastas, potatoes and cereals eat brown rice. You can make tasty soups and even sushi out of it.

7)Avoid eating fatty dairies like cheese and butter but you should eat low fat dairies like milk and yogurt.

8)Eating frequent smaller meals all day long is highly recommended. Unsalted nuts and fruits are fabulous healthy snacks that keep hunger away between meals.

9)Avoid eating salty foods while detoxing your body. To make your meals more appetizing you can use fresh herbs, chili peppers and lots of spices.

10)Try to rest your body as much as possible. Give your body enough time to regenerate and throw out all the toxins found in it. The whole detox process lasts a couple of days. Before you start any detox diet make sure that you don’t have to do any intensive physical activities in the days to come.