Youthful Breast with Mastopexy in New Orleans

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As you age, gravity could take a toll on you that would cause your breast to naturally sag and go out of it a youthful and natural shape, and pregnancy and weight fluctuations are some of the things that really do not help with it.

When you notice that your breasts are sagging, and they have lost their shape and their volume, or if your breasts have become flatter and longer, then a breast lift procedure in New Orleans is an option that you could have on the table. 

Get a youthful breast with mastopexy in New Orleans now!

How Does Breast Lift Prevent Breast Sagging in New Orleans?

Breast lift (Mastopexy) is a surgical procedure that you could take to help change the shape of your breasts. To do that, your surgeon is going to remove some of your excess skin that causes the sagging and reshapes and raise the tissues of your breast so that it would be perkier and look more youthful. 

It won’t be able to change the size of your breast, that is what breast augmentation is for, but you could always combine both of the procedures, so you can achieve the goals you have for your breasts.

What can Breast Lift Improve?

A breast lift would help in rejuvenating your breast because pregnancy, weight loss, and nursing could really make your breast age so much faster and cause sagging. A breast lift is a procedure that would be able to tighten the tissues around your breasts and remove some of your loose and extra skin so that it could bring back the youthfulness and perkiness of your breast. Your areolas become bigger over time, and a breast lift would also be able to help reduce their size.

What can you expect with a breast lift in New Orleans?


  • Physical examination,

Your surgeon is going to have you take a physical exam so that they would be able to determine the kind of treatment options that are fit for you. 

They are going to examine your breast, including your nipples and your areolae, and they would be able to see the quality of your skin tone and that would give them an idea about what they are going to do so that your breast would be able to hold a better position.

This is the time they are also going to take pictures of your breast so that they could put it on your medical record and maybe do a before and after.

  • Consultation about your medical history

When you are going in for your consultation, your surgery is going to ask you questions about your past and current medical conditions, including if you have any history of breast cancer. 

You could get a mammogram and share the results with your doctor and tell them about any medications that you are taking or have taken.

  • Discussing your goals and expectations

This also happens during your consultation with your surgeon. You are going to discuss your goals and your expectations as to why you are getting a breast lift. 

Explain the reason why you are getting the procedure to your doctor and what you are hoping to get out of it. 

They are going to make sure that you understand any possible risks and all of the benefits that you are going to get after getting the procedure.

  • Stop smoking

Since smoking would decrease the blood flow in your skin, you have to stop smoking before going into surgery because it could slow down your healing process.

  • Get a mammogram

A mammogram would be able to help your surgeon see if there are any possible changes that had happened to your breast tissues and interpret some of your future mammograms, which is why your doctor may recommend you to get a baseline mammogram before and after the breast lift procedure.


During your breast lift surgery, your surgeon is going to use certain techniques that would help in removing some of your breast skin and be able to reshape your breast tissue. 

They might make an incision just around the areola, have an incision horizontally along the creases of your breast, and have an incision from your areola downwards to the creases of your breast.

Your surgeon is going to be placing stitches deep within your breast so that they could reshape the tissues of your breast, remove some of your excess breast skin, shift your nipples to a much higher position, and bring it all back together through stitches, skin adhesives, or surgical tape.


After your breast lift procedure, you are going to have to wear a surgical support bra, and you may even have these small tubes placed in your breast so that they could drain some of your extra blood or fluid. They are going to be swollen and bruised for 2 weeks and they may be pink for a few months. 

Your doctor is going to be talking you through what you have to do after the procedure. Your stitches would be removed (some of them would dissolve on their own) and some doctors would require you to come back 2 weeks later to check if everything is going smoothly.