Workout Routines Exercises – Learn About The 5 Different Types of Workout Routines Exercises

Do you want to look fit? Feel great? Workout routines exercises are indeed one helping hand for you to achieve what you truly desire. This is a well planned and organized movement with specific number of times and days to be performed that can help you maintain good health and the best body you ever want in your life. However, one must understand that these exercises are not done for a short length of time, but these aimed to help you get your goal, your fitness desire and help you achieve the best of your general health especially if it's done and followed well.

Many people today have the difficulty to find a perfect solution to their problems on overweight and obesity. They have tried many possible solutions but failed. They have been complaining of the insufficient time for exercise because of their hectic schedules from work. At a depressed and hopeless state, many people tried diet pills and cosmetic surgeries which are not giving you the best of help. More so, diet is the only healthy way other than exercise that can not spend you so much time to do and at the same time help you lose weight, but one more can be effective is when combining it with routine exercises because it can give you more chance to lose weight and gain muscles.

Fitness is not just about a sudden plan you want to dwell on to lose weight, but it is more a long term movement that helps you accept the changes in your habit. It gives you the momentum to workout, more like giving you so much interest to work out. What one must consider in planning to do those exercises is to find an exercise that fits and works for you. It really does count because how interested you are to workout is based on what type of exercise that gives you your desire. On the other note, there are people who only workout because they are already obese and overweight? Is not it nice when you consider routine exercises even before you gained weight? In fact, these are not just about for overweight and obese people, but these are also for slim ones who want to maintain their optimal health. Do not ever wait for obesity to hit you before you can finally realize the need to do one. It does not necessarily be done at the gym; even at home you can gladly do those things. As long as you perform correctly those exercises, you will get and keep you in shape.

Now, do you want to explore that inert fitness habits, desires and goals you have from the start? Here are workout routines exercises for you. Again, you have to remind yourself these exercises you may or may not apply are permanent. Once you start, never quit because once you do, you will probably end up from scratch and you will get back to where you have started.

1) The ab crunch exercise is one of the workout routines to help you lose weight and tone up the body for women and men specifically the tummy. Follow this workout routine for 10 times daily, Monday to Saturday. Sunday is for you to rest and regain the energy for the coming days of workout exercises.

How to do it:

  • Begin by lying down with your hands behind your head with your knees bent.
  • Now, slowly and steadily start raising your upper body from the floor. However, your lower back must be kept in the same position.
  • Once the upper body is raised on the ideal position, hold it 5 seconds and then lower your upper back and get back to the normal position.
  • Repeat the steps.

2) The exercise ball abs workout is also a great workout routine to lose weight. Do these 12 times daily to get the best result. It will not actually take you too long especially if you know the right techniques.

How to do it:

  • To begin, sit on the exercise ball in such a way that your upper and lower portions of the back can touch the ball entirely while your feet is touch on the ground.
  • Your hips must be positioned slightly out from the exercise ball (slightly hanging) so that your abdomen will feel the abdominal crunching as if contracting when you raise your body from the exercise ball and hold it for one or two seconds.
  • After that, slowly get back to the original position, which then complete one cycle.
  • Repeat another cycle until 12.

3) Cardiovascular workouts are total body workout routine that can help you lose weight together with diet and give you a good conditioned heart. These are done weekly, 3-4 times for 30-45 minutes daily. You can do each day with different kinds of cardio exercises such as: Swimming, aerobics, bicycling, running, tread milling, brisk walking, stair climbing, etc.

4) Weight lifting is good for both men and women that help in building muscles that can assist in the fat burning process of the body. This is usually done for 30 minutes daily either by standing or sitting using real weights or dumbbells. When using real weight, do it 2 times daily for 2 cycles. For dumbbells, you can do it 10 cycles daily.

How to do it:

  • Choose a standard weight that you are very comfortable of carrying which is not too heavy or not too light.
  • Carry it with your 2 hands and place it first on the shoulder and try to stretch arms to lift the weight. hold it for 1-3 seconds and lower it down.
  • Repeat the steps.

5) Side bending with dumbbells. This one common workout routine exercise is to help you tone your side parts of the tummy. It can also help you feel the total stretch from the weight of the dumbbells pulling sideways downward. Do it on each sides, 3 sets for 15 counts daily.

How to do it:

  • Begin by standing feet apart while one hand is carrying a 5 or 10 pounds dumbbell.
  • Place one hand on the back of the head and slowly bend on a side where a dumbbell is placed as you can feel a little pain from the weight of the dumbbell pulling you down. Your feet must be kept straight, still and secured.
  • When you have reached correct bending with a dumbbell, slowly raise your upper body and get back to the starting position and repeat the steps.

During those exercises, what is more important other than doing it rightly is the fact that you are enjoying what you do. You can have your iPod with you and listen to your favorite dancing music to keep you hype. More so, in every exercise, before starting, a warm up is needed for 10-15 minutes to stretch your muscles in preparation for the workout routine exercises you need to perform. These will then prevent you any muscles trauma and pain. Whether at the gym or home, what is important is you execute well provided that the necessary equipments are complete to ensure the progress of your exercise. Learn the value of rest. Go through your life with these exercises and you will see a big change in you, mentally and physically.