Work at Home Doing Medical Transcription

Are you not tired of waking up every morning, thinking of going to work, then getting stuck at the traffic, then boring meetings – how you wish you can work from the home and get paid at the same time. Well your dream can become a reality with a work at home option of doing medical transcription.

Medical Transcription is one of the fastest growing fields in healthcare and as a work at home option. In order to generate a medical record, the doctor, in a hospital or a clinic, dictates the treatment given to the patient, which is captured as a voice file. The voice file is then transferred to the medical transcription centers through the Internet. The transcriptionist listens to the voice file and converts it into the text form, which is sent to the hospital or clinic through the same channel, to be stored in their electronic system for retrieval.

A Medical Transcriptionist is a Medical Language Specialist who is trained to listen to the doctor’s dictations and transcribe various types of the dictations. These dictations cover the categories such as operative reports, progress notes, clinic notes, discharge summaries, history and emergency room reports, etc.

In order to become a Medical Transcriptionist who can work at home, one does not have to be a professional. Rather one needs to have

– A graduate degree in any discipline from a recognized university.
– A good knowledge base of English grammar, preferably with good written skills, listening skills and fast typing skills.
– A basic knowledge of computer and word-processing software.
– Advanced knowledge and a familiarity with terminology, specific to a variety of medical specialties.

Medical transcription is an occupation that is ideally suitable for work at home employments. It is suitable for housewives and retired personnel. Because of recent advancements in technology, enabling seamless flows of information, the concept of home-based employment has gained popularity over the past several years. Skilled transcriptionists wishing to work from home will have no problem to find out home-based work opportunities, considering the number of medical transcription work at home jobs. While working at home you need a computer, a foot pedal, a headphone and electronic forms of dictionaries of various specialties as English and Medical to work at home.

The advantages of work at home Medical Transcription profession –

– At your own pace and take in the amount of work you want.
– Ability to work at home on any time of the day depending on your preferences.
– You get to spend more time with your family and working at home gives you more time.
– You save money on conveyance, and lower your expenses.
– Flexibility of working at home gives you freedom. You can schedule your doctor’s appointments, important meetings, or other works during regular business hours.

Annual income for full-time transcriptionists typing hospital reports is very profitable, depending on location and proficiency. An age of 45 to 50 years is not late for this profession. So if you think you are ready to take the challenge and you have the ability, then the free work at home job is yours.