Women’s Health and Health Insurance

With as busy as our daily lives can be, it can be easy to forget to fit a doctor’s visit into our schedules on a regular basis. However, seeing a doctor for a check up each year becomes increasingly important as a woman ages. Seeing a gynecologist each year helps to keep a woman healthy and can help to diagnose the symptoms of potentially serious illnesses before they become advanced.

How An Ob/Gyn Helps

If you only make one doctor’s visit a year, you should consider seeing an Obstetrician/Gynecologist (Ob/Gyn). An Ob/Gyn can check a woman’s general health but also checks for reproductive health and health issues specific to women. It is recommended that women see an Ob/Gyn once a year starting at age 30 to check for signs of breast cancer, any abnormalities in the reproductive system, or other potential problems.

While many women may feel uncomfortable seeing an Ob/Gyn or may feel that they are perfectly healthy and do not need to, an Ob/Gyn can spot problems early on that the patient herself may not be able to detect. An Ob/Gyn can also answer any important questions you have related to your health, including concerns about pregnancy, menstruation, menopause, cancer risks, and other female health concerns.

Paying for Your Visits

With the increasing cost of health insurance, many women have opted to make less frequent visits to their Ob/Gyn or have avoided going altogether. Unfortunately, many women who choose this option end up with illnesses that go undiagnosed until they become very serious. At this point, the health costs may far surpass what the regular preventative checkups would have cost.

Instead, consider looking for health insurance options that will cover your Ob/Gyn visits to help you pay for your health care. If you do not have health insurance or your current insurance plan does not cover your Ob/Gyn visits, you risk paying more for health care than you need to.

For More Information

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