Why Choose Nursing As A Career?

Healthcare sector is one of the essential sectors in a country and the health of the healthcare sector invariably determines the health of the economy and prosperity of the people.

More than 50% of the total employment in the health care sector is related to nursing. Nurses provide the vital link between the doctors in the hospitals or healthcare units and the patients needing healthcare assistance. In other words, without the services of the nurse in a hospital setting, the concept of healthcare and treatment will have no meaning.

Healthcare sector is immune to the vagaries of business cycles. In other words, healthcare sector will not be affected so badly during depression. Recession will not have any major impact on the sector. Thus, the fear of loss of jobs, retrenchment or such other labor related issues will not be there in the sector in general, and nursing career in particular.

Thanks to advancement in medical science, the number of people surviving life after 65 years of age is increasing. In other words, baby boomers or aged people, who require more attention and care in their old age, are on the rise in the world. Increasing awareness about good health and the vast scope for improving health is also creating more demand for specialized patient care services. There exists a perennial short supply for qualified nurses in all fields of healthcare and patient care.

The steady increase in birth rates on the one hand and equally, if not more, steady decline in death rates in the world are creating more demand for qualified nurses to provide health care to the rising population. According to estimates, the demand for qualified nurses in health care industry is projected to double over the next 15-20 years. Following the increase in the standard of living of the people, the cost of healthcare is also on the rise, especially in specialty areas, and as such, the remuneration package for qualified nurses is also competitive and turning out to be one of the best among the professions.

The perennial shortage in qualified nurses, the fast expanding healthcare services sector, more number of people requiring medical attention and the increasing cost of healthcare services makes a career in nursing a most lucrative option worth exploiting. An assured guarantee of job security, good remuneration and above all, the joy and mental satisfaction of having made an invaluable impact in a patient’s life will no doubt make Nursing profession an ideal one.

Any person, having the basic qualifications in school level with added proficiency in basic subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology, human anatomy, English and mathematics, as well as essential traits such as compassion and helping tendency can take up this noble profession of nursing, at the completion of schooling in the youth.

In modern day society, a nurse is not required to work in the hospital atmosphere with the primary responsibility of providing bedside assistance. The scope, opportunities and the challenges make it more lucrative than before.