Why Are So Many People Opting For Non-Invasive Body Contouring Treatments?

February 17, 2017 Off By Dante Filyaw

Even after, maintaining a strict diet and undergoing rigorous physical exercise, many men and women still notice that they have stubborn fat deposits in certain areas of their body. Despite their best efforts, they find it difficult to get rid of such subcutaneous fat from their arms, legs, midsection, buttocks or thighs. However, recent advances in the field of non-invasive cosmetic surgery have made it possible for such individuals to eradicate this cellulite through body contouring treatments. Such medical procedures usually involve removing these excess fat deposits with injections or a radio energy frequency along with a deep tissue message.

Sono Bello is a prominent cosmetic surgery clinic in America with over 32 centers throughout the country. This clinic has over 100 board-certified cosmetic and facial surgeons in the country who have a reputation of conducting the most amazing body transformation treatments on their clients. In these procedures, they use some of the most cutting-edge non-invasive techniques to the satisfaction of their patients. Unlike their competitors in this medical field, these experts consider facial and plastic surgery to be both an art and science. They endeavor to make a positive influence in the lives of the patients who visit them for their treatments. This is the reason why this medical institute is the first choice among patients who want to undergo unique and cost-effective medical treatments.

What is body contouring?

The professionals of this cosmetic surgery clinic explain that the term ‘Body Contouring’ includes various non-invasive treatments that concentrate on eliminating stubborn cellulite deposits. In this medical procedure, the cosmetic surgeon uses an ultrasonic wand in the areas of the patient’s body where there is a buildup of such fat deposits. The waves that this machine emits result in an accumulation of the bubbles in these cellulite cells. After a few seconds, these bubbles explode to form small microscope molecules that become a liquid when the doctor applies heat. He/she then uses a lymphatic system to drain this fluid. This treatment is simple, relaxing and the patient experiences no side effects.  Some of the specific regions of the patients’ body that specializes in this field apply such non-surgical treatments are the arms, thighs, buttocks, legs and tummy. These experts go on to say that VelaShape, Mesotherapy, Lipodissolve along with Endermologie are some of the popular body contouring treatments that patients opt for when they come to this clinic.

Advantages of body contouring

The cosmetic surgery experts of this clinic clarify those body contouring treatments effective in eliminating stubborn cellulite deposits in the patient’s body. This goes a long way in helping such an individual achieve the body figure he/she desire along with regaining his/her confidence. Moreover, this non-invasive treatment does not result in breathing problems, excessive bleeding or blood clots. Moreover, doctors do not have to administer anesthesia to the patient during the procedure.

The specialists at Sono Bello say body-contouring techniques are an effective and safe way for men and women to attain the figure they craving for and get back their confidence.