What to know about a Water filtration pitcher

It is always better to do the homework before you go to purchase something associated with your health. Not all the water which you drink can be same, so you cannot expect that the water which is coming out of your tap must be thoroughly clean. There are contaminants in the water which are present in the region you reside, depend on what kind of contaminants are there then you can choose the filtration process according to that. A good water filtration pitcher improves the taste of water and the appearance of it as well. The water looks like crystal clear object which you would want to drink all the time.

What to know?

As human nature, we like to have things which look beautiful to the eyes and filtered water would surely do! You can acquire the information regarding the contaminants present in the water through the local water supply or on the website if there is any associated. It will help you determine the right water filtration pitcher.


Water is not only for drinking, but it is for many usages such as cooking, washing and much more. It would be a good option to have clean water throughout for everything. If you wish, you can even add the filter over the faucet to wash the dishes with fresh water.

Water Filters Myths

A lot of people think that the water filters are not permanent. One filter would not be permanent, but you would need to change them after 2-3 months to have a delightful experience of clean water intake. When we drink the contaminated water, it spreads germs in the body making the immune system weak. It can make you sick more often which is why there is an option for water filtration to avoid any mishap with your internal body. Water cannot be avoided so why not choose the safe side?


Some of the pitchers are big in size may be costly, but others such as 8 cups or 9 cups pitcher would fall under anyone’s budget. The only hassle in small pitchers will be that water needs to be filled twice a day or sometimes thrice too if you have more people at home. With the bigger pitchers, you do not have to fill the water for a week, and it will keep it filtered throughout.


One of the most important things which you need to know is that maintenance of the water filtration pitcher is necessary. You need to wash the water filtration pitcher every two days along with cleaning the filter too. A lot of times when people do not clean it, the filters tend to be dirty before time because of no maintenance. It would be your extra spending to replace the filter again and again, so it is better to spend 10 minutes of cleaning every two days.


Water filtration pitchers are handy and portable anywhere you want. You can keep it in your kitchen or in your office to experience clean water all the time. It is a one-time investment and forever healthy for you so make the wise decisions by the information provided here.