What Many People Do Not Know About Back Pain

5 things you should know about back pain

Back pain can occur due to vast reasons. It happens temporally most of the time, requiring simple medical interventions, but it can also be ongoing, requiring expert care. It is important to seek an expert diagnosis for your back pain before waiting it out to ensure no serious issues are involved. The back pain Newtown specialist offers accurate back pain diagnosis and multiple comprehensive and advanced treatment options for back pain. Though back pain is common, there are several things most people do not know. See the following facts to be enlightened further.

Back Pain is Possible without Injury or Damage

Many people associate back pain with back or spine injuries or damage. However, pain can be caused by psychological, physical, social, and lifestyle factors and other health concerns. Therefore, you can feel back pain when you move or engage in your activities, but it has nothing to do with injury. That is why you should always seek an accurate diagnosis before trying self-treatments. Your doctor knows better and can look into different aspects of your life to recommend the most suitable treatment option.

Aging is Not a Cause of Back Pain

Age is a factor for back pain but only indirectly. It is a fact that your body weakens as you age, but that does not mean back pain is guaranteed. Research does not support the widely spread idea that your back pain can begin or worsen due to aging. Back pain is common, especially for the middle-aged population, and the young population is at more risk of back pain. Also, research has shown that back pain treatments can help anyone at any age.

Serious Tissue Damage is Rare

Many people think that persistent back pain has something to do with serious tissue damage. Back pain persisting past three months means that other factors and conditions could contribute to the condition. Most back pain cases begin as injuries due to daily back movements. Unaccustomed activity, inactivity, fatigue, tension, and stress can make your back sensitive to movements causing discomfort. Serious tissue damage rarely occurs.

Being Active Helps Manage Back Pain

Some people think that feeling pain during exercises and movements equals the damage they are experiencing. However, understand that your spine’s surrounding muscles and tissue become sensitive to movements and touch if you are experiencing back pain. That does not mean it reflects how damaged the structures are. Research finds that exercise and being active helps treat back pain. All you need is an expert guideline to avoid harming yourself. It is normal to experience pain when you begin exercises and should settle down as you get more active.

Pain Flare-ups are Not Due to Tissue Damage

It is natural to experience pain flare-ups when enduring back pain, but it does not mean you are damaging yourself.  The experience can be scary and more painful, but stress, poor sleep, tension, anxiety, inactivity, and low mood are more to blame for the flare-ups than tissue damage. Proper management of these issues can help you avoid exacerbation. You can relieve flair-ups by relaxing, staying calm, and moving.

We can all agree that back pain can significantly lower the quality of your life. Contact the Performance Pain & Sports Medicine specialists to learn more about the condition. You can consult about your treatment options via a call or schedule an appointment through the online tool.

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