What Is Pilates, Why It Is Amazing, and Who Needs It?

Ancient humans used to do everything in the great outdoors. First, they were hunter-gatherers, then they worked in the fields growing crops, and then in factories building machines. During all this time, they were on their feet, moving, and wasting precious energy, which helped them to be fit at all times.

Today, life is changed. We mainly work behind desks and sit on chairs while doing it. Our bodies waste almost no energy from it, except that we’re getting mentally exhausted. Mental exhaustion and physical inactivity is a highly dangerous combination leading to severe health conditions that are often fatal.

This is why everyone must do something else in the form of physical activity before, or after work. We all must indulge in something that will remind the body of what humans are made of – muscles. We need to maintain our muscles. Learn more about human physical characteristics here.

One of the best things to do for maintaining our muscles is working out. There are many forms and ways to do it, and Pilates is one of the best ones. In this article, we’re going to explain why it is like this, we will tell you why it’s great, and who can benefit the most. Check out what we have prepared and learn everything about the art of Pilates.

What is Pilates?

Pilates was designed to be an exercise for the trunk, or the main body part. However, all the moves that are performed will also benefit the rest of the body.

While doing the exercises, the person will do slow but precise moves that are supposed to focus on particular muscles. With the moves, these muscles are going to get pressured and strengthen after some time.

It isn’t necessary to exercise with additional equipment, but some machines and equipment can be highly beneficial for those that like to see great results. When you’re working out without additional equipment, you’re doing an extensive form of Yoga in which the focus is not primarily the mental state of the exercise, but the physical one.

Those who practice Pilates will do several moves one by one instead of one rigid one. This is strengthening the core of the body, rather than building muscles in particular areas of the limbs, for example. It makes your stamina much better, helping you to achieve perfect posture and keep you healthy.

How it is done?

The art of Pilates was introduced by Joseph Pilates, where the name comes from, of course. Joseph was a German physical trainer, and he invented this art in the 1920s. Since then, generations have formed their great posture thanks to his invention. See more about him on the link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Pilates

The exercises are done with or without additional equipment. The movements are slow, like yoga. The person needs to be fully concentrated in performing the movement precisely but also needs to have perfect focus while doing it. Concentration is key.

There’s no heavy lifting, nor fast running. The entire point of Pilates exercises is to strengthen several muscles that are going to help the person achieve better stamina. Those who practice it are making slow movements with their arms and legs to achieve a particular position and stay that way for some time.

Who can benefit from it?

Virtually anyone can benefit from doing Pilates. There’s no age limit, nor is there a limit for who can do particular exercises, and who needs to avoid some of them. Beginners all fall into the same category and there are no gender exceptions.

Kids can do it too. Today’s children are fond of playing video games and they are continuously sitting on chairs that prevent them from having a perfect posture. This is highly important for their well-being, which is why Pilates can be highly beneficial.

Do you need additional equipment?

Many people prefer doing it without any additional equipment, but others simply won’t do without the famous Pilates ball, some weight in their hands or the specialized Pilates machines. They’ll go to specialized Pilates studios, like the ORA Pilatesstudio, and do the work out there. It’s all a personal preference, of course, and you need to know what works best for you.

If you’re a beginner, it’s highly recommended that you start by working out without anything additional. You should learn the exercises and know how to do them properly. Only after this, you can start working out with some additional equipment.

People who are using weights, machines, and the Pilates ball simple see no result from ordinary exercises in which their body is the only weight. They need more pressure on the muscles, and the weight provides this for them.

This is a normal continuance when you are doing Pilates for a long time. Your body has achieved a level of excellence, but if you want to aim for perfection, then you must put a little more pressure on yourself. This is when you should ask your trainer to explain when, where, and how to add more weight to your exercises.


Now you know everything about Pilates; how it is done, why it is great, and who can benefit the most from it. If you love what you see, then it’s time to search for the best course through your search engine, and start working out. Your posture and physical stamina are crucial for overall well-being and health, so don’t let yourself suffer.