What exactly does physical health and well being mean to you? Have you ever stopped to think about it? How do you know when you are healthy, and how do you know when you could be doing better with your health?

I can not tell you. That definition is up to you. For instance, when I experienced a brain injury back in the 1990s, I remember sitting there thinking, "I may never get better. This may be what it's all about – and I have to spend the rest of my life knowing all of the things I lost, knowing the limitations, and choosing to create a new life for myself in this altered state. " I chose to accept my new way of being and to go on from there.

I did not give up on getting better. I accepted my life as it looked then rather than fight it. And I pursued alternative care because I no way bought into the paradigm of the doctors who said, "This is as good as it gets. Learn to live with it."

Physical health is not always about being in a perfect state, especially if you compare yourself to how you used to be, or to somebody else, and most especially if you compare yourself to the models that you see on TV, in the magazines, in the newspapers, and in the movies.

Those people may or may not be real in who they are or how they appear to be. Sometimes they will get to be a certain shape just while they make the movie. But that is not how they really are.

Think about a wrestler who will lose a whole lot of weight to go down to a weight class. They do that for a short time, just to get in on the weigh-in date. Then they go back to their normal weight and eating and exercising routines.

How do you define your normal state of health? What would it mean to you to feel good? Does feel good mean radiant health? Does it mean optimal health? Does it mean you do not have to take any medications?

In this age of there is a pill for everything-do you consider yourself healthy if you have to take pills every day? What would you do if those pills suddenly were not available?

Do you take responsibility for your health and well being? OR do you hand it over to the doctor who prescribes what you need to take daily-for the rest of your life? Whatever you choose to do, be sure you get accurate information, diagnosis and treatment. There just may be another way to deal with whatever ails you-or keeps you from enjoying life to the fullest.