What is Diabetes Food Pyramid ?

  Diabetes is a diagram food pyramid food ingredient education to facilitate the choice of food pyramid as a diabetic must. A new version of the food pyramid was developed by the U.S. agriculture in 2005. The American Diabetes Association has pointed out that the chart is for diabetics and non-diabetics, people to help the election food pyramid the prevention of new cases of the disease.

  The food pyramid in section. Each section consists of a group of foods. In the sections that need more space at the bottom of the food pyramid to get less and less at the beginning. On this floor is an illustration of the importance of each food in a healthy food pyramid diet.

  Thus, the fund is the largest and most important in a diet food. The lower part compose Cereal and starch (or carbohydrates). These include oats, wheat, rice and rye. It includes such lingual starchy vegetables, potatoes and peas. Legumes such as lentils, Black Eyed Peas and beans are also recommended.

  Suggests that the food pyramid 6-11 servings of these foods per day, are part of a healthy food pyramid diet. This course, depending on size and age of the person, no number of calories consumed each day and each of the goals of the individual.

  The following sections have the same areas are vegetables and fruits. Raw or cooked vegetables, die half of the fresh ingredients. Vegetables are good for fiber, nutrients and vitamins. The food pyramid of guidelines for this group of foods are 3-5 for one day for a balanced diet.

  Provides similar benefits as the result of the green. You can  be used when a person thinks that they need to get your vitamins. The food pyramid recommends 2-4 servings of fruit per day. 

  Fruits and vegetables have to enter the 5-a-day campaign, from the  in many parts of the world, is for 5 pieces of fruit or vegetables per day diet balanced.

  The following section is dairy like milk and yogurt. Dairy products are rich in calcium and other minerals  the body needs. To reduce the low-fat dairy products may be used. The food pyramid recommends 2 to 3 servings per day. 

  Meat products or replacement of meat in the next section. These products are mainly Protein lead. Low fat protein. Lean red meat, chicken or fish are the best in the food pyramid. Proteins Suggests 6 oz per day is enough to offset alimentation.

  The last part on the top is fat, sugar and alcohol. These include alcoholic beverages, sweets, cakes and ice cream. I know that if you have a soft, very bad news. This food pyramid consumption must from time to time or treatment. There is a recommendation  for the daily intake of this type of food pyramid.

 The food pyramid helps people at the right choice of the investigated food pyramid quantity balance.

*** To comply with nutrition pyramid, customers should comsume food according to the nutrition pyramid regularly. ***