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September 9, 2017 Off By Dante Filyaw

What Are The Types Of Food That Cause Irritation To The Stomach

Food is what keeps every species in this world moving daily, most especially to us humans. We need food to give us energy throughout the day and make us healthy everyday of our lives. However, not all types of food are healthy when consumed regularly or numerously. There are those that cause some serious health problems causing the body to fail than to move about healthily. It is most probably the most commercialized types of food and those that are quick to purchase are the reason, and examples of these are sweets and fast food, respectively.

Anything eaten in huge amounts can cause negative effect to our body, especially in the tummy and this is evident to some foods. Sometimes, these foods can affect other organs in the digestive system which can lead to removal of such organ. People with stomach problems need to reduce eating foods that can further irritate their stomachs. Food that should be lessened or avoided are fried foods, tea or coffee, highly seasoned foods, and spicy foods.

To avoid getting sick, healthy foods are the best alternatives. Consumption is, however, monitored because too much is never a good thing.

Fruits are healthy when consumed at a normal rate. Each fruit has certain types of nutrients which are essential in the daily human body needs, however, there are fruits that have high sugar content and should be consumed in lesser amounts only compared to others. This type of sugar, called fructose, cannot be converted to energy and is only metabolized by the liver. Consuming high levels of fructose can affect the liver. Tropical fruits such as bananas, pineapples and mangoes have high fructose. Fruits provide us nutrients but it should be consumed only in ample amounts.

The variety of vegetable available is wide. You can get a lot of vitamins, as well as minerals in all types of vegetables. Foods that contain lots of fiber are vegetables. Eating vegetables alone will not make you feel satiated. You need to eat a lot of it or pair with another type of food.

There is another type of food that is all of us like to eat. Some people do not like eating spicy foods. Spicy foods can be healthy, even though it causes irritation to the tummy. Eating spicy food can help you lose weight, help prevent heart illnesses and also prevent cancer. People who suffer with dyspepsia are in a bland diet and sooner, they will get bored eating it. The stomach can still deal with spicy foods if it is avoided for a few days and then consumed again in small amounts.

A type of stomach discomfort that many people experience is irritable bowel syndrome. IBS is the result of healthy and unhealthy food being consumed in numerous amounts. Ingesting the best probiotics for IBS you can find is a solution. The purpose of consuming probiotics is to supplement the gut’s normal bacteria and help relieve various symptoms caused by irritable bowel syndrome. The best probiotics for IBS have adequate amounts of good bacteria and provide health benefits to the human body.