What Can You Expect At A Teeth Whitening Procedure?

What to Expect During a Zoom Teeth Whitening Procedure

Are you worried about your smile because your teeth look suspiciously yellow these days, even after brushing? Well, what you eat and drink can eventually turn the color of your teeth. Eventually, the stains may harden, making it hard to clean altogether. El Paso teeth whitening can help you regain your white teeth so you smile confidently again. You can even get the whitening procedure at the convenience of your home. The procedure will only take an hour, but the results will last longer, depending on how well you follow dental care.

How Do You Prepare for a Teeth Whitening Session?

During your first visit, your dentist will check your teeth to determine if professional teeth cleaning will be right for you. You may have stains from tobacco, drinks, and foods, which can easily come off with cleaning. However, stains from diseases and certain medications may need more intense procedures than teeth whitening. You can ask questions during your session if you wish to have dental restorations after teeth whitening. Your doctor may recommend considering a change of veneers as they may have yellowed over time, making them stand out after your teeth whitening. Before the teeth whitening, you may have to eat at least half an hour before treatment and then brush and floss your teeth before going in for whitening.

What Happens During Teeth Whitening?

Your doctor will begin by cleaning your teeth to eliminate tartar and plaque before the whitening procedure. Cleaning your teeth beforehand will ensure maximum results from the whitening treatment. After the cleaning, your doctor will put in gauze to keep your mouth dry. You will likely feel slightly irritated on your gums and lips when the gel comes in contact with your teeth. Your doctor may also apply a protective barrier and put whitening gel on your teeth. A special light will activate the whitening gel on your teeth to give faster and more effective results. Teeth whitening may take up to an hour, but you can relax and listen to music through it all. Your doctor will then rinse your teeth so you can return home feeling fresh again.

How Do You Care for Your Whitened Teeth?

After teeth whitening, you should watch what you eat in the first two days because your teeth will be vulnerable and sensitive. Your doctor may suggest avoiding colorful foods to prevent staining. Instead, you can eat foods rich in calcium and light-colored vegetables. Teeth sensitivity will only stay a few days and then disappear. You will continue with your routine of flossing and brushing daily. Additionally, go for regular dental checkups twice a year to check if you may have any upcoming and underlying dental issues.

You can get your teeth whitening at Dr. Darj Dental today to achieve that brilliant smile makeover. Your doctor will ensure you have a comfortable cleaning and whitening session so you can go home with whiter teeth. You should understand that you will avoid certain foods and drinks to avoid staining. Visit the website to make your appointment.

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