What Are the Largest Health Insurance Companies in the United States?

When looking for a health insurance company, sometimes bigger is better. If you go with one of the 5 largest health insurance companies in the United States, you will be surrounded by many provider choices, many customer services options, and many different plan options. Here is a brief synopsis of the top 5 insurance companies in the United States.

One: United Health Group is the largest health care provider in the United States with 70 million members and over 600,000 providers. It is accepted in every state and over 5,000 hospitals.

Two: The second largest insurance company is Well Point which has over 35 million members. It is a relatively young company being in existence for only 5 years. But, since it was developed through a merger, Well Point still offers a lot of experience.

Three: The third largest insurance company is CIGNA Corp. CIGNA insurance company has been an insurance provider for over 200 years and offers polices for individuals and employment based health care.

Four: The fourth largest company is Aetna. Aetna first developed the idea of ​​consumer-directed insurance product and has since been a leader in the industry.

Five: The fifth largest company is Anthem, Inc. Insurance Company which specializes in family plans and coverage options.

While a large company does offer certain benefits, there is no guarantee that a big company can best meet the needs of you and your family. Depending on your health, the ages of the people to be covered, and other specific lifestyle factors, a smaller company might work for you. The only way to be sure is to look into the specific policies from several health insurance providers.