What are the Common Injuries Caused by Dog Bites?

5 Potential Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bites have become a serious public health problem in recent years. They are actually more common than many people realize. You can seek the legal assistance of lawyers at Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein LLP if you have been injured by a dog attack. These lawyers can help you pursue compensation for your losses, including medical bills and lost wages.

About 85% of the victims of dog bites are children less than 15 years old. These injuries occur when a family pet becomes aggressive toward a human being. In most of these cases, the dog is not intentionally trying to make the victim uncomfortable. The dog’s automatic response is triggered by something the person has done or said that rambles off its normal routine or triggers its natural hunting instinct.

We will now see into the common injuries caused by dog bites.

  • Head trauma

Dog bites can cause skull fractures or other forms of brain injury. The scalp and skull bone can be penetrated by the dog’s teeth, resulting in bleeding and possible damage to the brain tissue. This type of injury is usually accompanied by a noticeable laceration which would require immediate medical care and hospitalization.

  • Neck injuries

This is the most common injury caused by dog bites. The teeth may peel, crush, and tear the soft tissue, tendons, and nerves around the neck. This type of injury usually results in a bent or broken neck.

  • Eye injuries

It is common for a dog to clamp down on the face or shoulder of its victim, forcing the sharp teeth into the eye socket. Dog bites can cause serious damage to your eyes, which can result in vision loss or blindness.

  • Puncture wounds

Dog bites can cause puncture wounds in the skin around the affected area. Puncture wounds can be as deep as the bone. These serious injuries can cause severe bleeding and require surgery.

  • Lacerations¬†

Lacerations are characterized by jagged, irregular lines across the bodies of victims who were bitten by dogs and other animals. They are usually accompanied by large amounts of bleeding, which can lead to shock if the injuries are not treated properly.

  • Loss of limbs

If the dog’s bite is deep enough, it can sever the tendons, nerves, and ligaments in the area of the bite. The victim may lose a hand or arm, a leg, or a foot.

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