What are the Benefits of Body Cleansing?

Body cleansing has many benefits beyond feeling great and losing weight. A proper body cleanse can give your skin a healthy glow, clear your mind, have an anti-aging effect and even help you recover lost health. First, here is a little background about why you should even consider cleansing at all.

Every day toxins are absorbed into our bodies including pesticides in your food, air pollution, and even medications. Add to this the internal toxins created by our bodies such as those from daily metabolism and stress.

Luckily, your body has systems and organs in place to deal with these toxins. In a healthy body, toxins are dislodged, neutralized and filtered through organs like the liver or kidneys. They can then flow out of your body through your blood stream, lymphatic fluid and other daily processes.

In our industrial, modern society, we demand more of our bodies. This results in organs that are taxed to the limit and overburdened. You see results of this in the rise of chronic disease, auto immune diseases and obesity when the body stores waste instead of eliminating it.

The slowing of these systems and their fluids results in kidney stones, gall stones, liver diseases, toxemia, food allergies, premature aging and chronic disease. Here’s where the benefits of body cleansing come in.

Your skin is an organ of elimination. In fact, it is your largest organ. When internal systems are slowing, your body will use this organ to try to force the toxins out. The results can be poor skin quality such as dullness and blemishes.

Body cleansing opens up your natural cleansing and detoxification systems. This is why one of the first noticeable benefits of cleansing is healthy, glowing skin. As your blood stream and lymph flow easier, waste can move out through the proper internal channels.

When your blood is clearer, more oxygen and nutrients can be transported. This brings more nutrients for your body so that it can create new, fresh skin cells and even collagen. This helps your skin to stay fresher looking and younger with more skin tone. More oxygen and nutrients in your blood gives your skin a healthy glow.

Fat cells act as storage for waste. When your body cannot move toxins out quickly, they will get stored. This causes puffiness, weight gain and even cellulite. This can create a vicious cycle that makes it easier to gain weight, yet harder to lose it.

A body cleanse helps your body’s natural cleansing systems to do what they are supposed to do – keep waste moving out. When you help this process, toxins that are stored will naturally be dislodged and removed. This is your bodies’ natural survival instinct that was once suppressed because it was over burdened. Actively cleansing your body helps take the burden off.

Your body has the ability to kill bacteria, pathogens and other invaders that can make you sick and chronically ill. Your lymphatic system is part of your body’s natural defense. It carries your white blood cells through your body. These cells attack and kill off or neutralize the “bad guys.” These toxins are then sent to your lymphatic fluid so they can be transported out of your body.

When too many toxins are added to your daily dose of bacteria, virus and pathogens, your lymphatic system becomes over burdened and can become sluggish. Only so many toxins can be dealt with at a time. Your lymphatic system and organs cannot keep up so some toxins get stored.

In addition – there are some chemical toxins that your body doesn’t even recognize! These are found in pesticides, tap water, air pollutants and even household cleaners. If your body doesn’t recognize the toxin, it cannot kill or neutralize it and it can easily get stored.

Chemical toxins are linked to a number of health issues including depression, auto immune disease, obesity and various cancers. Billions of pounds of harmful toxins are released into the ground, our food, our water and air. Your body needs help.

Cleansing your body helps clear toxins. This eases the burden on the lymphatic system, which frees it to do what it is meant to do; neutralize, kill and eliminate toxins. In addition, body cleansing uses natural foods and supplements that can help absorb toxins so they are more easily eliminated from your body.

As your body gets cleaner, it gets healthier. Your body’s natural ability to heal itself is enhanced when the toxin load is lightened. Your lymphatic system and blood flows easier, carrying more healing oxygen and nutrients throughout your body. The results can be stronger immunity with better health.

The benefits of body cleansing are many. People have been doing it for centuries and millions cleanse now. Health professionals have been teaching their clients to cleanse with great results. Try a body cleanse as part of your health program and see the results for yourself.