Wellness Tips for The Average Joe


To live long is determined by the kind of lifestyles that we lead. For example, having an excess of alcohol and smoking with less of fruits and vegetables is a sure way of looking old and yet still young. Non the less, to stay healthy is a perfect way of adding more years to your life. Below are the tips of living healthy lives;

Eat sparingly.
Most people find it okay to eat between meals. Most people non the less, never realize the harm that overeating come with. To long by eating only when necessary and increase your life span.

Make your Sex Life Active.
Sexual intercourse has health benefits that it comes with. It is a fact that having sex two to three times a week adds approximately three years onto your life. Sex improves sleep, burns calories, boosts immunity, protect the heart and lower blood pressure.

Work on Loneliness.
Having a lot friends keep away diseases such as heart attacks because loneliness cause bogy inflammation. To combat loneliness, use ways such as joining book clubs, finding hobbies as well as reaching out to old friends and family members. Loneliness is just as dangerous as smoking and drinking.

Start Eating Garlic More Often.
Some health conditions can be solved used using garlic. Garlic also serves you well when having heath conditions like flues, stomach aches or diabetes. Garlic supplements can be used by those who find the taste of natural garlic to be unbearable.

Eat more of fruits and vegetables.
Fruits and vegetables have great benefits that should not be ignored. Eating less than three servings of fruit and vegetable per day is a great damage to health because the natural ingredients reduce risks of heart diseases, cancers and aging signs. Keep your health in tune by using five servings of fruits and vegetables daily.

Do Exercises.
Practicing is one of the essential precepts of carrying on with a long solid life. Taking enough walks and running daily can help add approximately four years in someone’s life as well as reduce risks of heart failures. The right form of exercise is the best way to start exercising.

Quit Smoking.
To quit smoking boosts the chances of survival of the smoker as well as slows down the rate of the disease. In fact, smoking can cut off a number of years or decades from an individual’s lifespan because of the considerable damage to health and is therefore quitting has considerable impact to a healthy and longer lifespan.

Monitoring your blood pressure.
Checking your blood regularly by frequent visits to the doctor reduces the risk that come with blood pressure. As you do frequent checks, avoid the use of alcohol, do enough exercise, reduce the stress and if not able, consult a physician to deal with the issue.

Counsel on Excessive drinking.
Drinking in excess cause health problems such as liver cancer, heart disease, fatty liver disease, cirrhosis and even breast, throat and mouth cancer. Most people prefer taking beer or wine after work but an excess of it is a serious danger to living healthy.

Have some Red Wine.
Red wine contains resveratrol that has powerful anti-aging benefits to help live a longer life. Once in a while having this fills a decent need with advantages of calorie limitation contrasted with different wines or spirits.

Eat the right fats
To live a long life, eat the right fats, meaning, consume saturated fats. More of Omega-3 fats from sources like fish such as the tuna and salmon in place of red meat will do you good health wise. Different sources incorporate olive oil and nuts to supplant margarine, chips and wafers that are undesirable.

Reduce your levels of stress,
The main reason why we need to reduce stress levels is because of its negative effects and this can be done by meditation or relaxation of the mind. This is on account of it can keep the body from recuperating from medicinal conditions like growth and studies affirm this. Having at least a two-minute breathing exercise every hour can go a long way in helping reduce stress levels in the human body.

Assisting others.
Research has shown that when people give their time to volunteer for charity work they minimize their risk of death in next four years by 25%. This means that if you need to live long do something for someone.

Have enough bed rest
Inadequacy of sleep is linked to a number of health conditions including heart disease, depression, diabetes, obesity and even car accidents. No less than seven hours of rest is critical for consummate well-being yet can be supplemented by early afternoon snooze or early night rest.

There is surely no good reason why an individual cannot add to his lifespan many more years with the variety of aspects herein mentioned from having garlic a day, eating at least a fruit to exercising.

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