Weight loss program with the help of orlistat medication

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Consuming high-calorie food results in unusual weight gain. This will leads to several diseases. the undigested fats get accumulated and deposited in the walls of the internal organs and results in weight gain. Loss of physical work is also a reason for gaining weight. People with overweight face more problems in leading a normal life. The situation can be handled well by consulting the experts who could suggest weight loss programs.

Ways to reduce weight

The weight loss programs are designed by providing some medications that could help in weight loss along with physical exercises. Medication such as orlistat at https://www.cmoapi.com/product/orlistat/ is prescribed by doctors to lose weight for a particular period.

This particular medicine prevents the necessary fats from being broken by the action of certain enzymes. The unbroken fats will be eliminated from the body with the bowel movement and results in weight loss. 

Within a short period, there will be a difference in the weight, and follow-up procedures should be done to get further details. The doctor might increase or decrease the dose based on the nature of the body. 

Self-medication is very risky and it is advisory to perform the weight loss program under the supervision of the medical practitioner.


The inactive elements present in orlistat are capable of causing side effects such as allergy. The person who needs to lose weight should consult a doctor and needs to explain the allergic substances. 

People with medical history such as digestive problem, gall bladder problem, thyroid and kidney stone problem, eating disorders, HIV and seizures must explain their previous medications to the doctors before they start to use orlistat. The elements that are present in this medication are likely to react with the medications that are prescribed for these diseases. 

Diabetic people are benefitted more from the use of this medicine during their weight loss program as it has good control over their blood sugar level. Inform your doctor about your sugar level regularly when you are under the weight loss program with this medication. The doctor might alternate the dose, diet, or exercise according to your blood sugar level. This medication is not advisable for ladies who are pregnant and involve in breastfeeding. 


When you involve in a weight loss program with prescribed orlistat, you need to be more careful with your previous medications. Some of the medicines when coming into contact with orlistat will decrease the efficiency of the prescribed drugs that are prescribed to cure other disorders. 

HIV medications, the medications that are prescribed to treat seizures are likely to interact with orlistat and result in serious complications. So, it is advisory to explain to the doctor about the previous medications that are prescribed.

This will help the doctor in suggesting an alternate solution that will benefit you. Consume the dose as prescribed and generally try to have it with your meals. Overdosage might cause some difficulty and that could be prevented by following the precautionary methods.

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