Walking For Fitness

April 16, 2017 Off By

Walking is the best form of exercise to increase your health and fitness. It's easy to begin, you can set your own goals and it's free!

Whilst others may encourage you to join a gym you may lack the confidence to begin exercising in such a public arena. Walking for fitness will give you the flexibility to exercise wherever and whenever you want.

It's great to have flexibility but initially you may find having a schedule schedule very helpful while you establish your walking routine. For the first three weeks set aside a definite time each day for your walking program. Write the schedule in your diary or daily planner and do not let anything come between you and your daily walk. Why? Because too often exercise commitments are broken because you put someone else's needs before your own. For 21 days you are going to put your own health and well being first. You must begin taking care of you! Starting now.

Starting your walking program is much easier than joining an expensive gym. In fact, the only equipment you'll need will be a comfortable pair of walking shoes, although taking along a MP3 player and headphones can help you set a steady pace. Walking to music will encourage you to keep up your step and listening to inspirational or motivational speakers while walking can often encourage you to walk a greater distance!

If you are new to exercise begin your new fitness walking program slowly. Start with a daily 10-minute walk at a moderate pace before increasing to a 20-minute walk. By the end of your first week of walking you should be able to comfortably walk for 20 minutes.

During your second week of walking increase your distance and your pace. At the end of 14 days you should be walking for 30 minutes and you'll be surprised at how much ground you can cover.

This might also be a good time to review your eating habits and establish healthy patterns. You will accomplish a lot more is you maintain a healthy lifestyle while establishing your life-changing and possibly life-saving walking program.

When you enter your third week of walking you may consider introducing a few hills or stairs into your daily walk. At the end of three weeks you'll have established your walking pattern, you should be feeling much more energetic and start noticing some weight loss – especially if you've modified your eating habits during this period.

You can now continue your fitness program by walking at a smart pace for around 45 minutes at least three times a week. The benefits to your health will be enormous and ongoing.

Beginning a walking program can help you reduce your weight and reduce your risk of coronary heart disease, increase your bone density, reduce stress and benefit the joints. Walking keeps you active, increases mental alertness, boosts your energy levels and improves your overall well-being.

Walking off the weight may be just what the doctor ordered but remember to consult your doctor before beginning this or any other exercise program, especially if you are overweight and have not exercised on a regular basis for some time.