Virtualization Solutions: Information Your Business Needs to Know

March 18, 2019 Off By Dante Filyaw

Virtualization solutions can be important for any business, but it’s difficult to understand how they can really help you. The word “virtualization” has become a buzzword that is batted about between businesses all around the country. When most people use this word, however, they often mean a whole lot more than what they say.

This article aims to clear up the clouds that surround this word and provide you with some solid information about what “virtualization solutions” actually are.

What Is Virtualization?

To start things off, virtualization is actually a very broad term that is often incorrectly used. It has become a popular term to throw around, but most people don’t know what it really means. The term virtualization is an umbrella term that means creating virtual resources (storage, applications, hardware, and more) that are easier and faster to manage than their physical counterparts.

What Do People Really Mean When They Say “Virtualization?”

When people use the term “virtualization,” they are most often referring to server virtualization. Server virtualization is one of the most common ways that businesses are consolidating their IT resources into a more cost-effective and manageable solution.

How Does Server Virtualization Work?

Traditionally, a server was a machine dedicated to single process or application, so if your company needed to add another application it would have to purchase another server. Most servers that were configured in this manner were drastically underutilized, with approximately 60% of them working at their optimal capacity. Server virtualization solutions have redefined the picture, however.

Instead of dedicating a server to a single purpose, server virtualization allows your business to partition the machine, creating several virtual servers on one physical server. Not only has this reduced the amount of servers a company requires, it has also helped with IT management and business continuity.

  • Why You Need Virtualization
  • Simplified IT Management
  • Reduced Cost of Infrastructure
  • Alleviated Internal Resource Pressure

Businesses and individuals are quickly realizing that virtualization solutions offer them a tremendous business advantage. Rather than using an increasing amount of storage space and hiring even more IT professionals to keep up with server sprawl, businesses are efficiently condensing their information architecture in a way that is easier to manage and far more cost-effective.

Reducing the number of physical servers will help you cut costs while actually improving the efficiency of your business. Downtime used to be something that plagued companies-halting business progress and bringing productivity to a dead stop. But virtualization solutions grant companies the ability to avoid downtime by migrating their software and information before the work begins.

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Traditionally, companies were forced to house all their IT resources on their own premises. This meant that companies not only needed additional space to store the equipment, they also needed an army of IT professionals to keep everything up and running. These used to be necessary costs for maintaining any modern business, but fortunately that’s no longer true. data center management provide businesses with cost effective alternatives for nearly all of their IT needs.

Whether it’s for virtualization solutions, cloud computing, management services, or more-disaster recovery services provide companies with an easy way to outsource their IT needs that will help them save money.