Unclog Your System by Adopting a Body Detox Diet

Did you know that just because you feel healthy and fit; it does not necessarily mean there’s nothing to worry about? That while you believe you’re as fit as ever, there are thousands of toxic substances lodged in every cell of your body which have accumulated over the years? But don’t panic, because it’s not too late to fight the toxins which cause fatigue, illness, stress and mood swings and recover your healthier self. Body detox diets give you the power to do this.

Body detox diets are healthy, easy to follow, and natural! The aim of a body detox diet is to cleanse your system and get rid of all the harmful toxins. You only need to remember to use fresh fruits and vegetables, because they have the necessary supply of vitamins and minerals needed to boost your system!
There are some things that you should keep in mind when you start on a body detox diet.

a) Pointer#1: Always remember to consult a doctor before starting on a body detox diet. A doctor can give you the best advice regarding the nature of the diet that’ll suit you. Some diets, such as the juice diet or the 21 day diet can damage your system, if not carried out properly so consulting a doctor is a must!

b) Pointer#2: Resist junk foods, because they do you more harm than good.

c) Pointer#3: It’s also a good idea to prepare and start a sample diet before actually starting with a full blown body detox diet. It’s always advisable to include fresh fruits in the sample diet, because they’re very good for you.

Body detox diets are especially useful for speeding up your sluggish body processes. When starting on a body detox diet, the following pattern may come in helpful.

i) Begin your day with the juice of ½ a lemon mixed with lukewarm water.

ii) Half an hour before breakfast, have fresh fruits washed in distilled water. This helps regulate and co ordinate the intestinal and cardio vascular systems, which in turn speeds up the body system as a whole and makes you feel more energetic throughout the day.

iii) Another thing to do when on a body detox diet is to drink several glasses of water a day. Few things work as well as water when it comes to cleansing your system. The added advantage-it’s fantastic for your skin!

iv) Instead of having your regular cereal for breakfast, have whole grains, like brown rice, etc.

There are some amazing recipes you can try out when on a body detox diet; the following is a recipe for some yummy roasted cauliflower.

First, Prepare 2 bunches of cauliflower and cut them into florets, then add ¼ cup extra vegetable oil, and a dash of sea salt to taste. Pre heat the oven to 400 degree centigrade. Use a large bowl cook the ingredients in it on the oven roasting pan and cook for 30 minutes.

You can come up with many more such body detox diet recipes that help cleanse the body and let you enjoy yourself while doing it!