Train Victims Win Big With a Personal Injury Lawyer

September 11, 2019 Off By Dante Filyaw

Thousands and millions of people take mass rapid transportation every day of the week, three hundred and sixty-five days of the year. Two of the most common ways of getting to where you want to go are by train and by subway.

Due to their convenience, reliability and relative economy, manufacturers count on the railway to get their goods between cities and across the continent. The train is also a romantic and relaxing way to really appreciate the vast expanses of North America.

Subway systems offer the same attractive set of advantages. Folks who live in some of the largest cities in the world would never attempt to drive a car to work. Instead, they ride the underground.

In third world countries, such as India, trains labor through cities and the countryside, laden down by all manner of goods, human beings, and their animals.

Normally these thundering giants chug and zip on their routes without a blip. Passengers can relax and enjoy the ride, some reading, others sleeping until thy arrive at their destination.

Once in a while, news of a train derailment gets our attention on the news media. A few cars go off the track, some goods are spilled, but all in all there’s not too much damage.

A washed out track or collapsed bridge can bring real disaster and loss of life. In these cases, the blame usually gets pinned on mother nature. Sometimes things can get more serious.

Take for example the September 2008 fire in the Channel Tunnel in Europe. This engineering marvel is like a subway, except both trains and vehicular traffic travel through it. This disaster destroyed a freight train carrying twenty-seven trucks. With temperatures reaching 1,000 degrees Celsius, it is a miracle that no lives were lost.

Another terrible accident happened recently in Washington D.C. A Metro subway train crashed into another train during the afternoon rush hour. This time seventy-five people were injured and at least six travelers died.

Imagine the chaos and horror of an accident like that. Passengers were carried out on stretchers while rescuers climbed ladders and used heavy equipment to cut victims out of the tangled mess.

If the day every comes that you find yourself or a relative trying to live through such a nightmare, take heart. Your pain and suffering should not go for nothing. All your medical bills, lost wages, and rehabilitation may be eligible for monetary compensation.

Don’t try to represent yourself to the insurance company. While you get on with healing, contact a Car Accident Attorney Kansas City to handle the details. They know how to stick-handle through all the legal intricacies of a railroad or subway accident. You may be pleasantly surprised at the amount of money that your injury attorney can win for you.

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