Are you planning to lose weight the natural way? You might have been flooded with advice on the foods that you need to eat and avoid to get closer to your goals. You might find yourself spending too much time on the internet to check out some weight-reducing and tasty dishes to add to your diet everyday. Why should you focus only on your solid foods? Here is a list of some refreshing drinks that are not only tasty and healthy, but also help you burn your fats and get slimmer quickly.

1. Water

Water is the elixir of life! Needless to say, it is the first drink that you need to consume in ample amounts daily to flush out the toxins from your body. Drink adequate water before every meal, so that your appetite comes down to a great extent. Drink ice-cold water at least twice or thrice a day as it will help your body to burn fat to bring this water to body temperature.

2. Honey & Cinnamon

Mix one glass of honey and about half a spoon of cinnamon powder in a glass of normal water. Drink this daily in the morning before breakfast to enable quick weight loss. Never mix this drink in hot water as you will lose the goodness of honey and cinnamon when you do that. If you want to make this drink tastier, you can add half a spoon of lemon juice as well.

3. Green Tea

Green Tea is rich in antioxidants, and it helps to quicken your metabolism rate to a great extent. Make it a point to drink at least 3 to 5 cups of green day per day so that toxins are flushed out from your body, and you lose weight naturally.

4. Black Coffee

If you can not skip your daily dose of coffee, make it black instead. Black coffee is loaded with thermogenesis, an element that is great for your metabolism rate. Ensure that you do not add sugar in this, for best results.

5. Fresh juices of vegetables

How many times do you drink juices at shops that claim to make pure varieties? In reality, all stalls use a lot of sugars and processed ingredients to make their juices and crushes. You can easily prepare fresh and pure juices at home if you want to lose weight naturally. Make a juice of few tomatoes and carrots and add dashes of any of your preferences (lime, ginger, mint, etc.). This tasty drink will give you enough nutrients to be sustained throughout the day.

6. Dates and Banana

If you want to reduce your appetite to a great extent so that you can eat very little food, you should make yourself a drink of dates and banana in the morning. Blend a few dates, ripe banana, some almond milk and a spoon of cinnamon powder to make a tasty juice and have it after breakfast. This will increase your metabolism rate considerably and will keep you energetic & free from hunger throughout the day.