Top 9 Vitamins for Healthy and Strong Hair

Nowadays , vitamin regimes are becoming more and more popular. For such a regime specially built for your hair it takes from 2 to 3 months in order to see obvious results in your hair’s condition. You can guess that consistancy and patience are very important. Another really important thing is to consult with your doctor before starting a vitamin program , especially if you have healt issues.

So here is the Top 9 Hair Vitamins for healthy and strong hair:

Vitamin A – This is the antioxidant that helps the production of healthy sebum in the scalp. It can be found in : fish liver oil , milk , cheese , meat , eggs , broccoli , cabbage , carrots , spinach and some fruits such as apricots and peaches. Recommended daily dose : 5 000 IU.

WARNING! Daily dose higher than 25 000 IU is highly toxic and can cause serious hair loss and other health problems.

Vitamin C – Another antioxidant that is responsible for maintaining skin and hair overall health. Foods that consist vitamic C : citrus fruits , kiwi , strawberries , pineapple , tomatoes , cantaloupe , green peppers , potatoes and dark green vegetables. Recommended daily dose : 60 mg.

Vitamin E – Antioxidant that controls and enhances blood circulation in the scalp. Can be found in: Cold-pressed vegetable oils , soybeams , raw seeds and nuts , wheat germ oil , dried beans and leafy green vegetables. Recommended daily dose : Up to 400 IU.

WARNING! Vitamin E is capable of raising blood pressure and reducing blood clotting. People with blood pressure problems MUST consult with their personal doctros before taking Vitamin E-rich supplements.

Biotin – this is one of the hair vitamins that support the productions of keratin and is capable of preventing graying and hair loss. Biotin is found in : brewer’s yeast , whole grains , liver , rice , milk and egg yolks. Recommended daily dose : 150-300 mcg.

Inositol – strenghtens hair follicles at cellular level. Foods : whole grains , brewer’s yeast , liver and citrus fruits.Recommended daily dose : up to 600 mg.

Niacin (aka Vitamin B3) – this vitamin promotes scalp circulation and can be found in the following foods : brewer’s yeast , fish , chicken , wheat germ , turkey and meat.Recommended daily dose : 15 mg.

WARNING! Taking more than 25 mg of Vitamin B3 a day can result in “niacin flush” which is a temporary heat sensation due to high blood cell dialiation.

Pantothenic Acid (aka Vitamin B5) – slows and prevents graying and hair loss. Food sources: brewer’s yeast , organ meats , whole grain cereals and egg yolks. Recommended daily dose : 4-7 mg.

Vitamin B6 – prevents hair loss and helps with the production of melanin (which gives your hair its color).Vitamin B6 can be found in : liver , brewer’s yeast , whole grain cereals , vegetables , egg yolk and organ meats.Recommended daily dose : 1.6 mg

WARNING! High doses of B6 may cause numbness in feet and hands.

Vitamin B12 – stong preventor of hair loss. Food sources : fish , eggs , milk and chicken. Recommended daily dose : 2mg.