Tips for handling eliquids

March 16, 2017 Off By Dante Filyaw

Eliquids are the compound which is filled in the electronic cigarette in order to enjoy vaping. Even though the users of electronic cigarettes were aware of the importance of these eliquids, many among them were not capable of dealing them at the best. They were not aware of choosing the right one and apart from this, they were also not aware of the handling methods which can keep them away from various hassles. This article is written to reveal some of the important tips which will help the electronic cigarette users to a greater extent.

Choose the right one

Before knowing to use the eliquid, one must learn to choose the right eliquid. As there are hundreds of brands and thousands of products, the buyers should be capable of differentiating the best among other products in the market. In case if they are not aware of these factors, they can refer the reviews and must make use of all possible ways to bring out the best product in the market. At any extent, the users should never get promise in choosing the right eliquid for electronic vaping.

Shake before using

Many people have the habit ofstoring different types of flavors. They will use the flavors according to their mood at present. Before using the eliquid bottle or before pouring the liquid into device, the eliquid bottle is to be shaken up. It is more important to ensure whether the flavor is evenly distributed. Apart from this, before pouring the eliquid into device, the electronic cigarette should be cleaned properly. This will help in avoiding sticky blocks or other problems which usually occur while using the unclean e-cigs. This is also one of the most common mistakes made by many e-cig users.

Check the expiry

It is always better to check the expiry date of the eliquid before pouring them into the electronic device. Especially people who prefer to store different flavors for a long time should check the expiry before using them. This will help to avoid using the contaminated eliquid for electronic cigarette. It is also more important to check the expiry date before buying the eliquid. The details in the label can be referred to know about these factors. It is to be remembered that using the expired eliquid will cause harmful effects on health. But this must be referred without any constraint.


Apart from all the above mentioned factors, reading the manufacturer’s manual is always more important in order to use e juice at the best. The manual will contain all the necessary details which include storage, usage and other related factors. Hence by referring the manual one can be aware of all the precautions which are to be handled for using the eliquid without getting exposed to any kind of risks. The manual and the instructions will get varied from one brand to the other. Hence the manual should be read while switching over from one brand to the other.