Tips for a Healthy and Happy Mind

It is very important to have a healthy mind. People with healthy mind also have a healthy body. Mind and body are both interdependent. Mind has complete control over the body and so it is very vital to keep your mind fit and healthy. People with a healthy mind will always contribute positively to the society. It lets you have more self-confidence and happiness. Here are few tips to have a healthy mind.

1.      Keep yourself busy with hobbies or home / office work. As it is said in a very old saying – Ideal brain is a devil’s workshop. The hobbies or the work will not only keep the person preoccupied but help in self-development also.

2.      Go for a walk in the morning before starting your day’s work. The fresh morning air will vitalize your brain with positive thoughts. Also you can do breathing yoga exercise for the same benefit.

3.      Whether it is your hobby, housework or office work – Try to enjoy whatever you are doing and try to put in your 100% in it. You will have complete peace of mind and concentration to do better work.

4.      Try not to have ill feelings towards others. Always have a positive approach towards everyone. Though you may not like the person for some personal or professional reasons, you have to be more liberal in thoughts for the person’s fault or shortcoming. A very forgiving and tolerant way of thinking helps to give you peace of mind and a good night’s sleep. Always remember that you are not a perfect human being and so even others tolerate you and forgive you for the same and so even we need to do the same with others.

5.      Be happy with whatever you have. Don’t worry with what other have got. If you worry about what others have then you will never be happy and if you are not happy, your mind will not be healthy. If your mind does not have a buoyant spirit then you will physically be unfit. Always remember that what you have got others doesn’t have and keep your self-happy.

6.      When you get up in the morning just tell yourself – ” I will be happy today”. Don’t spoil your today with the burden of yesterday. Keep doing your work and today will take care of your tomorrow.

7.      Last but not the least. We need to have a good night’s sleep to have a good day and perform well.

Though such small things but we find it extremely difficult to follow it. We have to put in a more conscious effort to improve ourselves to have a happy and a healthy mind for a healthy body.